Did Breast Implants Shift My Hormones? I Can't Stop Crying!

Many women will tell you that they felt like they went through some crazy hormonal changes post-breast augmentation—being super emotional or crying for no reason for days to weeks after their breast augmentation.

In fact, I was recently talking to a woman who was 3 days post-op that swore she was experiencing hormonal changes due to the silicone in her breast implants. (Even though she had saline breast implants, saline breast implants still have a silicone shell.)

This woman had previously had a silicone Mirena IUD, and had experienced radical mood swings with the IUD. She realized both devices contained silicone, and she was ascribing her implants with the amplified emotions she'd had since her procedure.

So is it hormones, or it something else?

First, I think it's important to remember that, unlike oral contraceptives and IUDs, breast implants do not contain hormone-releasing substances. The hormonal changes experienced from an IUD are entirely due to the synthetic progesterone being absorbed by the body—not a reaction to silicone.

Because breast implants do not contain hormones of any kind, they do not raise or reduce a woman’s hormone levels.

"Okay, but... why can't I stop crying?"

Simply put, many women experience a slight state of depression after getting breast implants called, The Boobie Blues.

The Boobie Blues is basically the buyer's remorse of breast implants. It's the same feeling you get after making a major purchase or even breaking up with a boyfriend. It's simply a wave of emotional doubt that almost all of us get—and that goes away within a few days.

I mean come on... you just went through a MAJOR breast surgery!

As with any other stress in life, our bodies’ natural response is for our adrenal glands to kick into “fight or flight” mode. It is not unusual for anyone to undergo significant mood swings after any type of surgery—not just breast augmentation. Be comforted that you are not alone! :-)

Most importantly, give yourself time.

As your body heals and gets stronger, you will be able to reintroduce life’s simple activities into your daily life. Once life starts getting back to normal, you'll most certainly experience that uplifting boost you were initially hoping for.

Your body has undergone a huge stress and is trying to figure out ways to deal with it! Just know that these emotions will pass.

In the meantime, I would recommend surrounding yourself with encouraging people who will be there for you through all of the stages—whether that is breast augmentation or any other stress that life may throw at you.

I can't recommend my women-only community Bustmob enough. The ladies in there are SO encouraging and they'll help you get through The Boobie Blues :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

It's perfectly normal to have emotional swings after surgery. Your body is bouncing back from anesthesia and adjusting to those changes has different effects on everyone. It's safe to say though that it's not due to the implants themselves, and if it happens, it's a short-term feeling.

Reaching out to other women in Jenny Eden's community, Bustmob, is a great way to talk with other women who have been through similar feelings.