Breast Augmentation Recovery and Muscle Spasms

Muscle Spasms after a breast augmentation

Muscle Spasms after a breast augmentation

Some elements of your breast augmentation recovery can be... well... painful, but some are more of a nuisance.

Chest muscles spasms after a breast augmentation are one such annoying pain, but thankfully they're usually short-lived.

Muscle spasms after an augmentation are totally normal.

When your breast implants are under the muscle, spasms are not just common they're a given!

What causes Muscle Spasms After a Breast Augmentation?

Naturally the pectoralis muscles sit happily against the chest wall with not a care in the world!

Then along comes your surgeon, who releases the muscle (to varying degrees, depending how much under the muscle your breast implants are going) surgically (as in, cuts) and places an implant under it. The muscle is not happy now!

what causes breast implant muscle spasms?

The muscle keeps contracting until it regains normal muscle fiber tension and it's used to the breast implant being there. This means two things- 1) these spasms cause pain and discomfort, and 2) it takes a while for the discomfort to disappear.

Morning Boob after Breast Implants

This chest muscle pain and discomfort is often what you're feeling when we say 'morning boob'!

But these spasms can actually happen at any time of the day.

Preparation Is Key

Knowing that these muscle spasms are going to happen after your breast augmentation means you'll be well prepared to deal with them when they land.

Don't be surprised if your surgeon offers a muscle relaxant medication (Valium) as part of your post-op prescription. Some surgeons will also recommend specific exercises to help ease any spasms.

muscle spasms after a breast augmentation

Although your instinct may be kick back and totally relax after your breast augmentation (some of this is good BTW) the best thing you can do to help ease any muscle tightness is to keep mobile (gently!)... this is especially good for morning boob.

You can expect any muscle spasms to be at their most intense in the first week, tailing off (in frequency and duration) until your muscles have fully recovered at about 6-8 weeks post-op.

Do Breast Augmentation Muscle Spasms Hurt?

Sometimes muscle spasms go on longer though. And it's most commonly caused by a breast implant that's too large for your body. The larger the breast implant, the longer it will take your muscle to get accustomed to it.

If you’re naturally an anxious person you may also be tensing muscles without realizing it, and this can also extend any muscle tightness you feel. Try to relax girl! Calming teas and essential oils are extremely helpful for me :)

As a rough guide, if you’re still experiencing muscle spasms after the first couple of months it’d be valuable to discuss any discomfort with your surgeon!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

If your implants are placed under the muscle, it's not unusual to have spasms early in the recovery period as the muscle adjusts to having the implant there.

We tend to avoid muscle relaxers in combination with any pain medicine, and have found that the stretching exercises that we recommend in our rapid recovery protocol work very well to decrease the chance of spasms by keeping the muscle loose and relaxed.