An Uncommon Complication called Symmastia

All surgery carries risks of complications.


The good news is that, with careful preparation and listening to the sound advice of your Board Certified plastic surgeon, the risks of complications occurring can be minimized.

And… some complications are just not all that common in the first place.

One of the less common complications of a breast augmentation surgery is something called symmastia.

Symmastia = where the breasts merge across the breastbone, leaving no space or gap between them.

The word ‘symmastia’ comes from the latin word for same.


The natural space between the breasts disappears, giving the effect that your breasts merge into one. This also gets coined ‘uniboob’.

So, can symmastia be prevented?


Symmastia is actually quite a hard complication to fix so prevention is definitely best.

There are two main things that you can do to prevent symmastia occurring:

  1. Be aware of your starting breast anatomy - before surgery it is super important that your Board Certified plastic surgeon does a full physical examination so your existing breast anatomy is assessed. Some women are more prone to symmastia because of their existing anatomy (although it’s rare). A good surgeon will be able to spot during a physical examination whether you fall into this category.

  2. Pick an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon - it goes without saying, but ensure your chosen plastic surgeon is Board Certified and experienced in breast augmentation surgeries because surgical error or implants too large for your body are risk factors for symmastia.

Symmastia can be treated but it requires a revision (correction) surgery. To find out how symmastia is treated check out my more-detailed article on symmastia.

All surgery carries risks. When you are fully informed about the benefits and the risks of any cosmetic procedure you’re considering you can make the best decision about what is right for you. Choosing an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon and following your surgeon’s advice and guidance will give you the best chance of a smooth surgical experience.