After Your Breast Augmentation: When to Buy Bras?

Getting breast implants has been such a positive experience for me and I love hearing all the Bustmob comments of how other women’s experiences have exceeded all expectations. Without doubt a really significant step in your journey has got to be your first NEW bra purchase.

However, I have a little bit of friendly advice...

...don’t buy bras too soon.

I’m not talking about sneaking out early to buy your first bra before the requisite period of time set out by your surgeon (commonly about 6 weeks before you can wear a bra with an underwire, but all surgeons approach this one differently) has passed.  I’m talking about BEFORE your surgery.

What size am I going to be after breast implants?

I know that once I’d reached the point in my journey where I had chosen my surgeon, booked my date and, having tried on sizers in my surgeon’s office, settled on my implant size my mind naturally wandered to that question you get asked by those naive to breast implants “what size are you going for?”  Hands up if at some point you’ve thought “I wonder what bra size I will be after?” (my hand is up by the way!).

Tempting as it may be to rush out to your favourite lingerie shop and head straight for the bigger bras section (where you imagine yourself skipping joyfully in months to come) DON’T DO IT.

what size bra will i be after breast implants?

what size bra will i be after breast implants?

As you get further into your breast implant journey you start to realize the question of trying to figure what size you will be is quite fruitless. In the early stages though it’s one we all become a bit fixated on.

Cue department store diversions to flash sales of bra sizes you’ve only ever dreamed of being and an almost unhealthy fascination with online bra retailers to see what cute bras you might be able to buy after. STOP RIGHT THERE!  This is a bonafide piece of advice to all you pre-surgery folk: do not buy bras before your surgery (with the exception of any post-surgical bras your surgeon has directed you to).

Look at it like this... how many bras have you got now? In my pre-surgery quest to enhance, hide, and embellish what I was left with after breastfeeding I bought a LOT of bras. 

That’s a big investment over a long period of time.  To replace my collection (I loved underwear even before my surgery) was going to be a big task.  It sort’ve made sense to start before.  You know, spread the cost. I’m not going to lie I DID buy a bra before my surgery. Just the one (and luckily only the one). 

I was way off the mark with the size (too small) and all it was useful for was a bit of a giggle as I spilled out of it when I tried it on at about 4 weeks post-op.

Wait until Your Breast Implants are Settled

Finding out what size you’ll be after is something of a waiting game.  You’ll probably be able to predict it with some online researching using your stats before and your breast implant size, but I certainly wouldn’t use this information to go on a pre-surgery bra buying spree.

Something your surgeon is unlikely to tell you about in your consultations, and a phrase that those of us who are now the ones skipping round the bra departments (i.e. we’ve had our surgery and are months down the line) will nod knowingly to is “just wait for the drop and fluff”. If you’ve not heard this before this basically means the process of your implants settling and softening up (I charted my own drop and fluff progress by taking weekly photos so I could see the changes in the shape of my breasts).

What does this have to do with buying bras?


After my first surgery I got measured and bought my first proper (underwired) bra at the magical milestone of 6 weeks post-op. It fitted like a dream and I was in love... with the bra, my boobs... all of it.  Fast forward a couple of months, and after a bit of the ol' drop and fluff I went UP a cup size! Between week 6 and month 2 I’d bought a further half dozen bras that were all now too small.

Patience is key after a breast Augmentation

If having breast implants has taught me anything (and I like to think that most things we do in life come with a little learning attached) it’s to be patient.  I was patient while I saved and waited for my surgery.

I learned to be patient in the early days of recovery when my pace was diminished and I relied on others for things. I was (well, almost) patient while I counted down the days til it was safe to engage in some between the sheets time with my other half. 

And, the biggest bit of patience that paid off was the wait for bras.  There’s really nothing quite like the excitement of bra purchasing once your implants are settled.  THEN you can really get your full purchasing prowess on.

So, be patient... browse to your heart’s content before (and for a bit after) your surgery, add things to those online wish lists and, like all things related to your journey, take it slow. You’ve invested a lot in this decision, you did so with thought and consideration and the rebuilding of your underwear empire deserves the same.

Good luck (and have fun) finding your new bras :)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

I had no idea how expensive bras are until I got married. Given how much you are investing in your breasts with a high quality experience, it would seem to me that money spent on a good bra before you are ready would be a waste.

Nonetheless, as long as it's not an underwire bra, I can absolutely understand how one could give in to the temptation a bit early.