A Very Brief Overview of Dropping and Fluffing

If you've been exploring the world of breast implants, you may have heard the term "drop and fluff" (or "D&F").

This term is used to describe the changes your breasts will go through during the first 3 to 6 months after your augmentation.

“Dropping” refers to the actual implant dropping lower on your chest, and “fluffing” describes what your boobs will do.

Like fluffing a pillow, most women’s breast appear bigger and wider when they fluff.

You can see these changes best when looking at women's progression photos of their augmentation.

Dropping and fluffing gradually takes place a few weeks after breast surgery, and can take several months to complete. My breast implants didn't completely D&F until about 5 months post op, so just remember to be patient. It takes time and everyone's recovery is different.

I highly recommend taking progress pictures to help you see the changes over time. Happy healing!