Breast Implant Massage: When, Why, & How!

Breast implant massage can be a bit of controversial topic!

Yes or no

First up, don’t confuse this with scar massage.

The logic behind breast implant massage, if it’s recommended by a surgeon, is that it is supposed to help:

  • Breast implants drop (or settle) better in to their pocket

  • Prevent capsular contracture (the most common post-op complication - a thickening/tightening of scar tissue around the breast implant)

The reason breast implant massage is such a controversial subject is that not everyone agrees that it does help! Which is why recommendations to massage aren’t universal.

The WHEN of breast implant massage

IF your surgeon recommends breast implant massage to you it’ll most likely be after your first post-op visit.

When you’d start breast implant massage would probably be dependent on the reason why it’s being recommended so there’s no set time.

The WHY of breast implant massage

If your surgeon recommends breast implant massage to you they’ll explain why!


If it’s just part of their routine practice feel free to ask them why they favor it as a post-op instruction for their patients. Sometimes their experience with lots of previous patients will mean they recommend it to help speed-up (or just help out) the process of your breast implants settling in to the breast pocket.

The other main reason breast implant massage gets recommended post-op is because it’s possible it could reduce the risk of capsular contracture, as it is thought massage will help keep the forming scar softened.

The HOW of breast implant massage

If your surgeon recommend breast implant massaging to you they’ll explain their preferred technique to you! It’s really important to follow their instructions on this. If you want to get an idea of what to expect there are videos on YouTube (like this one).


A lot of women purchase my boobie butter for this very reason! The butter can help your fingers to glide more smoothly around the implant during your breast implant massaging while also moisturizing and hydrating the girls.

Breast implant massaging isn’t for everyone. If your surgeon recommends it it’ll be for a reason and it’s important to follow his/her instructions on this to ensure you get the best outcome from your personal breast augmentation surgery.