Breast Augmentation Recovery Advice You Shouldn't Ignore

Do this...

Don't do this...

Make sure you have this for your recovery....

You will read a LOT of advice on the internet (and offered in the boobie community) and get lots of advice from your surgeon about breast augmentation and you may find yourself going into information overload!

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Two kinds of Breast Augmentation Recovery advice

There are two general kinds of advice where breast augmentation is concerned (and it's not 'good' and 'bad', if that's what you were expecting me to say!):

  • Advice you can choose to follow

  • Advice you should definitely follow

You choose which Breast Augmentation Recovery advice to follow

Me and most of the boobie sisters who've traveled the journey before you will be more than happy to share our experiences with a fellow sister.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

We have a wealth of knowledge (remember, we've done all the research too!) and experience. We can share our stories, our list of post-op must haves, we can answer most of your questions and we can reassure you when you're having boobie greed.

This is great!

I love how supportive the BA community is!

BUT, remember the advice we offer isn't medically-based so you should choose carefully which bits of 'advice' you follow. Which brings me on to the next type of advice...

Breast Augmentation Recovery Advice NOT to ignore

The other type of advice you'll receive when you get breast implants will be the type that comes from your surgeon and you should DEFINITELY follow this advice!

After a breast augmentation you will be instructed to take it easy.

For example, your surgeon will tell you that you shouldn't:

  • Sleep on your stomach or sides for about 6 weeks

  • Drink alcohol until you've stopped taking your pain meds

  • Lift anything heavy for several weeks after surgery

  • Exercise until you're cleared to

  • Wear an underwired (or push-up) bra until you're cleared to

And this is just a few of the general don'ts! Some of the instructions your surgeon gives you will be general to all patients undergoing a breast augmentation and others will be specific to you.

Limitations are often placed on the things that could hinder your post-operative recovery period for good reason. Ignoring these pieces of advice could disrupt your recovery and result in post-operative complications.

I know it can be tempting to conquer the world the minute you're feeling better!


And, I know that there are some of us who can't quite stop ourselves from doing things after the surgery but trust me, it's just not worth the risk.

Girl, by all means pick and choose from the advice other boobie sisters give you about how to recover well following your breast augmentation. When it comes to the advice of your surgeon though, you definitely shouldn't ignore the good advice which will ensure you have a smooth recovery.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

These are good guidelines and topics that we are sure to review with you during your consultation and pre-op appointment.

We encourage you to return to your routine activities as soon as possible after surgery, and in terms of anything more strenuous it's best to take a few weeks off and your body will let you know if you're overdoing it too early.