5 Things to Do While You’re Recovering from Your Breast Augmentation

After surgery the advice about bra wearing does seem to vary.


I can bet if you posted the question ‘which bra should I wear post-op?’ on my online breast augmentation forum Bustmob about you would get many many MANY different responses!

Some of the questions you ask won’t get a unified response. The reason for this (and the answer to any of these questions without actual answers) is that it depends on the individual.

Evidence versus experience

We don’t 100% know the answer to some breast augmentation recovery questions because advice is based on either evidence (what we know works) or experience (what we have found to work).

How we get evidence in the medical field is from research studies.

There haven’t been any research studies that I’m aware of on what women should do in relation to bra-wearing after an augmentation surgery.

So... what we do is answer the question about bras after surgery based on experience.


Your own surgeon will have their own advice/preference about post-op bras based on their experience.

Some of the common bra recommendations have sensible reasons behind them. For example:

  • Don’t wear an underwire bra for 6 weeks after surgery – first up it could really irritate your healing scar if it’s underneath the breast (ouch). BUT some surgeons advise the use of an underwire soon after surgery!

  • Wear a compression/sports bra after surgery – some surgeons trust that compression reduces swelling quicker. However, others don’t favor compression bras at all! If you go this route, I highly recommend the RxBra for post op recovery! Use coupon code “Eden25” for 25% off, plus free shipping!

What you’re doing when you pick your surgeon is say ‘I trust in you and your knowledge and skillset to carry out my augmentation surgery’. It follows therefore that you should also trust their advice! This means... do not deviate from what they are telling you to do (or not to do).

Go ahead and ask what your surgeon’s post-op bra instructions are. Try not to bounce this off forums. Instead ask your surgeon why they advise it. Sometimes it helps to know why they recommend what they do.