Breast Augmentation Recovery Milestones, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2! If you missed the first installment of Breast Augmentation Recovery Milestones, you can read it here!

About a week after your breast augmentation you'll likely be off any pain meds, and slowly getting back to your usual self.

Get ready for the "I'm feeling great" victory dance!

How long after breast implants before I feel normal?

Breast Augmentation Recovery Milestone 5 – Fun Between The Sheets

I’m not talking sleep again! Nope, I mean “Did you keep your no-sex ban in effect”?!

Sex is supposed to be off the menu for a week or two after a breast augmentation. That's because the "activity" can raise the blood pressure and that can increase the risk of bleeding.

If you’re a born rule breaker... be very careful.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Milestone 6 – Exercise

Real exercise ladies (not sexercise!). Too much blood flow/raised heart rate in the early days and weeks after a breast augmentation can hinder healing and, at worst, cause complications.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery

It can be really frustrating to pause a physically active lifestyle after a breast augmentation. Taking the down time though is super important for your healing and recovery.

Mostly you’ll know when you’re ready, but the general recommendations are that you can walk around gently in the early days, light leg work only 2 weeks PO, 4-6 weeks PO you should be cleared for more strenuous exercise and by the 12-week mark you should be able to resume all of your exercises and activities that you were doing before.

Above all, listen to your body... if it hurts, don’t do it.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Milestone 7 – Scars Healing

My incisions were covered up for the first week so I didn’t see them at their super angry stage. They were pretty bumpy and had started to scab over a bit (eeew) when I first got to see them.

If, like me, you keep a close eye on your scars you’ll notice that they start to look more like skin (and less red and raised) by about the 6-8 week mark. They flatten out and start the rather slow process of fading by 4-6 months PO and you’re likely to see the best results by a year post-op.

You don’t just need to leave them to heal unaided though! A not-so-subliminal (but totally genuine) suggestion:

Jenny Eden's Scar Salve,

Jenny Eden's Scar Salve,

Breast Augmentation Recovery Milestone 8 – Boobs Feeling Like Part Of You

Everyone’s experience is different. Some do experience the “bolt on boobs” feeling for a while until your breast implants begin to settle into place and soften up.

I remember, following my first breast augmentation, the crazy sensation of weight and pulling when I lent forward... like my boobs were going to drop off! (They won’t BTW.)

Breast Augmentation Recovery

My first three weeks were rock boob weeks and then slowly they started to soften. The first few months saw the most dramatic changes.

After that I stopped noticing them as feeling different and they definitely started feeling like part of me. Some of us reach this point sooner... some of us take longer.

Taking six months is not unusual and, in fact, the breasts continue to subtly alter over time so when you reach your one year boobiversary you won't even think of them as anything other than part of you.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Most of our patients have very active lifestyles and a regular exercise routine, so we understand that it can be tough to slow down a bit and take some time off from the gym.

While we certainly encourage you to get back to your normal routine as soon as you'd like, avoid some of the more strenuous exercises as Jenny Eden mentions will help ensure that you have the smoothest recovery and best possible results.