Being Proactive with Your Breast Augmentation Incisions

There are lots of things in life where you can just wing it and there are some where you just can’t!

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Where post-surgical scars are concerned you should be super diligent! Especially if you want to create the best and least visible looking scars.

Hey, good looking

There’s a lot of advice out there for how to minimize post-op scars after a breast augmentation surgery.

There’s different tips, techniques and also loads of scar treatment products. Girl, you’ve got options!


Proactive, not reactive

The best way to get the best looking scars is to be proactive rather than reactive!

All surgeons differ in their post-op instructions and advice around wound management. A common approach to treating your scars post-op that will yield great results involves:

  • Keeping tape over your incisions for as long as possible - ideally 6 weeks! Trim the edges of any tape applied to your wounds if they start peeling at the edges and reapply the tape if it starts to fall off. Keeping tape over your wounds helps to keep the incision site tight together while it’s healing and the result is typically a very thin scar.

  • Around 6 weeks post op, after you’ve removed your tape, grab a container of my scar salve.

Jenny Eden’s Healing Scar Salve

Daily application (2x/day) of my own hand-made scar salve, which is made from all natural certified organic ingredients, is a little container of heaven for your scar recovery!


Sourcing all-natural products that really work is one of my passions and I’m super proud of the products I offer. Many women have sworn by them after their breast augmentation which makes me happy!

With the right amount of TLC (being proactive, not reactive) you give your post-op wounds the best chance of healing into the best looking scars.