Beating Constipation After a Breast Augmentation

There are some pretty strange things your body can get up to after you’ve had a breast augmentation. If you find yourself in the days after your breast augmentation thinking, "Uh, why am I so constipated?"...don't worry, it's completely normal.  

constipation after breast implant surgery

I’ll get real with you... constipation and bloating is an unpleasant possible issue you may experience in the first week or two after your breast augmentation.

A bloated belly is due to the anesthesia and prescription pain meds. Anesthesia can slow everything down... including your bowels.

Even after the anesthesia has worn off, your pain meds will keep things from moving through. And, trust me, the last thing you want is to be struggling in the toilet department post-op.

Don’t panic and DON’T go on a crash diet. Your body needs good nutrients to help itself heal.

You can help beat the post-surgery digestive halt in a few natural ways..

Natural Remedies for Breast Augmentation Constipation

I’m all in favor of natural approaches to health. When it comes to beating the post-op bloat there are plenty of natural ways to ease things.

You'll be coming out of surgery with a totally empty stomach so be sure to eat something high in fiber as soon as you can and drink water to get things moving.

Keep things simple and make sure your diet is rich in fruit and vegetables... dried fruits (especially prunes) are a great place to start.

The best things you can do are:

  • Stay hydrated - believe it or not, drinking water will help reduce any swelling, help your bowels move things through, as well as flushing out the anesthesia.

  • Magnesium - powdered magnesium is one of my favorite ways to get things moving. You can get it at any health food store. Be sure to use the recommended amount and stay close to the bathroom- this stuff is no joke!

  • Herbal teas - there are several herbal teas on the market for digestion aid and constipation, they don't work immediately but definitely add them to your post-op diet.

  • Relax - if it's your pain pills that are causing the halt in toilet proceedings you’ll find things ease off when you stop taking them. Relax, you will get through this!

Drink lots of water and keep this list handy post-op! And always try natural approaches before you reach for the medicine cabinet :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Even though it's a relatively short surgery, it's not uncommon to notice some changes with your system afterward. That can be related to effects from the anesthesia, but is more commonly associated with prescription pain medicine.

One of the benefits of our rapid recovery protocol is that it not only speeds up your recovery, but we've also seen that most women need very little pain medicine, which translates into fewer issues with things like constipation.

It's also always helpful to do the other things that Jenny Eden mentions like staying hydrated and having a high fiber diet.