Are You A Breast Implant Hypochondriac?

breast implant complications

If you find yourself worrying about every little thing after your breast augmentation you may be a Breast Implant Hypochondriac.

At any point (especially the early days) after your surgery it's normal to worry that something is wrong with your girls.

From worrying they're not settling in quick enough to worrying you've popped a stitch, your mind can run away with you... very easily.

Breast Implants are A Big Investment

When something is important to you, worrying about it is only natural.

Getting breast implants is a big investment. So, if you do find yourself being a bit on edge about every little detail of your recovery it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

You're just protecting your investment.

You'll be doing everything you can to protect your investment, from following your post-op instructions to steering clear of underwired bras until you're given the all clear.

And you'll also be highly attuned to physical changes, pain and even some of the more bizarre breast augmentation sensations (e.g. nerves regenerating - known as 'zingers' - which is a fiery sensation).

If you’ve had a long pre-implants journey, years of dislike for your breasts and time spent saving for your surgery, once you've had your breast surgery you can find yourself in a more 'breast conscious' place.

A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved

Girl, you don't worry alone. The online Boobie Community can come to your rescue if you have any worries. So... ask us anything!

Online breast implant community

We’ve all seen our fair share of other people’s stitches, skin, scars and breasts on this breast implant journey. We've answered countless 'is this normal?' questions, and we're pretty good at knowing when to guide someone straight back to their plastic surgeon.

Of course, if you're really worried don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call your plastic surgeon. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Those follow-up appointments are a key part of your recovery so there's no reason NOT to get checked out if you're worried.

Your surgical cost covers pre and post-operative care... your plastic surgeon's job doesn't end with your breast surgery!

Being the owner of a new set of breasts is a bit like being a new mom... you can worry about every little thing! And sometimes we all just need a bit of reassurance that everything is ok.

So, don’t worry if you worry, you're not alone! :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Our goal is to alleviate any worry that you may have by talking through what to expect after surgery so that you go into the recovery period confident that it will go smoothly. Of course, we're always available after surgery if anything does come up that you have a question about, and Jenny Eden's community, Bustmob, is a really great resource to hear things first hand from other women.