To the Stomach Sleepers - Sleeping After Your Breast Augmentation

The best sleeping position immediately after a breast augmentation and for a short period of your recovery is propped-up at a 45 degree angle.


For a lot of women this propped-up sleeping position is a source of frustration! Getting comfy after your surgery can be tough!

Because sleep is super important for your recovery you need to figure out the best way to get comfortable and, in the early days, you should definitely NOT be sleeping on your stomach.

Early recovery

For at least 6 weeks after surgery you can expect to be sleeping on your back. In the super early stage this will be propped up on some pillows. For starters it’s easier to get out of bed using your abs, not your arms (which may have limited movement following surgery), from this position.

You really really don’t even want to consider stomach sleeping at this point. For starters it would be super uncomfortable. The only exception would be if your surgeon asked you to lay on your chest for a rapid recovery technique - but only do this with your board certified plastic surgeon’s instructions!

I am a bonafide stomach sleeper! For me, post-op sleeping was brutal! BUT I found a fantastic sleep aid in the form of a 45 degree angle sponge off Amazon (a wedge pillow) that, when placed behind your back in bed, helps you get into sleep position and be more comfortable propped-up. If you grab a couple of pillows and put one or two under each arm this also helps.

Safe stomach sleeping

Around 4-6 weeks after surgery you should be able to start side sleeping. You’ll know when you’re ready but don’t be too keen to try it too early.

Believe it or not you may struggle to go back to stomach sleeping when you’re in the safe zone. I didn’t struggle (!) but you should only attempt to return to stomach sleeping when you’re safe (at least 6 weeks post-op) and comfortable trying it.

Recovering from surgery is tiring! Sleeping with your new additions though can be challenging/uncomfortable and everything in between. And... you definitely SHOULDN'T be sleeping on your stomach too soon! Whatever you do you’ll want to protect your investment. This means safe sleeping.