7 Scary Side Effects I Wasn't Expecting After I Got Breast Implants

If you’re trying to find out as much as possible about breast implants before making your decision, then you’re a smart woman.

I was just sitting here thinking about how much I wish someone would have written about everything that caught them off guard after their breast augmentation. Because I'm not going to lie, there were several things that gave me a bit of a Dorothy moment...

Oh my!

So this is that article! I want to help you prepare for your breast augmentation by sharing a few unpleasant things you might not be anticipating after getting breast implants.

This is real life, people.

1. My breast Implants are too high!

When I woke after breast implant surgery, I thought that something must have gone wrong. My breasts were SO high, like they were trying to choke me out! 

I immediately called my plastic surgeon in who assured me this is perfectly normal. Here’s the deal... it usually takes between 3-6 months for your breast implants to settle to their final position, so don’t be alarmed if yours seem to be sitting way too high.

2. Nipple Numbness after a Breast Augmentation

What? Yeah, unfortunately numbness happens after breast implants, especially around the nipples. But before you start to panic about never being able to enjoy the feeling of having your beautiful boobs touched again, in the majority of cases, loss of sensation is temporary.

Choosing one of my trusted surgeons who uses advanced, proven techniques can help avoid this from happening completely, but even the best plastic surgeon can't predict the outcome entirely.

3. Frankenboobs after a Breast Augmentation

The reality is that visible scars are possible after any operation. When I went through my breast reduction surgery, I was left with raised and puffy scars that no one had prepared me for. :-(

Years later, I finally found the solution for that. To minimize scarring after your procedure, make sure to apply my Scar Salve on and around the incision area (once they have closed), and avoid exposure to direct sunlight for the first year after my breast augmentation—as this can cause scars to darken.

4. Prickly Nipples after a Breast Augmentation

Say what? Yeah. I wasn’t prepared for that. But it’s quite normal during recovery to experience tingling as the nerve tissues heal.

You might get a pulsing sensation, numbness or soreness too. Pleasant? Not really, but super bearable. The good news is, it’s only temporary.

5. Boobie Blues after a Breast Augmentation

Otherwise known as the emotional roller coaster that is being a woman. The Boobie Blues are sometimes accompanied with anxiety and depression. Being high as a kite one moment and wallowing in self-pity the next is a fairly classic sign that you’re suffering from this.

Although if you know what to expect in advance and prepare yourself as thoroughly as possible for your recovery period, this can be managed.

6. Boobie Greed

Boobie Greed is actually very common in women after they get breast implants. Even though your boobs are bigger than they’ve ever been, you feel like you should have gone bigger.

I know that I immediately wished I had gone bigger after my first breast augmentation, but I worked really hard to love them as they were. Nevertheless, you should know it's common and that you aren't crazy for experiencing Boobie Greed.

7. Buyer’s Remorse after Breast Implants

Buyer’s remorse and Boobie Greed are closely linked to The Boobie Blues. One moment you’re ecstatic with your new look, then you wish you’d gone bigger, and then you find yourself second-guessing your decision to have breast augmentation surgery at all.

Don't do anything rash! Give your emotions a little time to come down before you decide to get a revision or develop regrets about the decision you've made.

I've seen all of these emotional and physical side effects over and over in thousands of women, and I can assure you that 1) you aren't crazy if you experience them, and 2) almost all of them work themselves out.

The more aware you can be before any of these show up, the better shot you've got at overcoming them in the healthiest way possible!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

There are several temporary 'trade-offs' or changes after breast augmentation, that Jenny Eden points out. These are all perfectly normal and will resolve early in the recovery period. It's certainly helpful to speak with other women who have been through those changes and Jenny Eden's community is a great way to connect with them.