5 Totally Normal Breast Augmentation Recovery Symptoms

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery

What are the real things to expect during your breast augmentation recovery? Let’s talk about 5 absolutely normal (and almost expected) symptoms you may experience post-op!

If you’ve snagged yourself a great surgeon (measure this by their credentials + your gut instinct) you’ll be heading in to your breast augmentation knowing what to expect on your boobie recovery journey. Some things, however, may not come up in your consultation.

Torpedo Nipples after a Breast Augmentation

I remember quite vividly coming out of surgery with a big “I’ve got boobies” grin... it then turned into a “HOW big are my nipples?!” frown!

It’s fair to expect your nipples will look different after breast implants. They may be swollen and stretched out. Try not to worry, they DO go down over the days and weeks after surgery.

It’s untrue that a breast augmentation will leave you with permanently ON nipples... some women do get erect nipples after surgery that won’t seem to go off, but over time these things will all settle down.

Sensitive EVERYTHING after Breast Implants

Prepare for a pleasure/pain experience once you take your first full shower.

It feels so good to get back to normal but but the pain of high pressure water jet from the shower on hypersensitive nipples can bring tears to your eyes.

You can adjust your position to avoid direct blasts from the shower head and outside of the shower I’d pick up some nipple petals (although don’t do this if you’ve had areola incisions) for a bit of armor under clothes.

Sunburn After Breast Implants?

Ok, so it's not actually sunburn, but it sure feels like it. Nerves take a bit of a bashing during a breast augmentation.

First you'll be numb and then feeling comes back... sometimes with a bit of a bang.  As nerves repair and sensitivity returns your skin it may feel like it is ON FIRE. Commonly referred to in the breast augmentation community as Zingers!

This lasted a good few weeks for me. My Boobie Butter was my best friend ;)

Cold Breasts after Getting Implants

Your breast implants will take on the temperature of your body... if you’re warm , they’re warm and if you’re cold... they’re cold! Brrrrrr!

The first time I had an ice cold drink in the early days after surgery I remember feeling like my breasts instantly chilled... boob freeze! Thankfully, it was only temporary and doesn’t happen once your body gets used to the breast implants.

Rollercoaster Of Emotions after a Breast Augmentation

My other articles have touched on the not-so-joyful phenomenon of boobie blues (and boobie greed).

Just as you’re likely to experience some post-surgical lows (and even doubts about your decision), you’ll also experience some truly rapturous moments, because fulfilling a desire and gaining confidence can give you a truly euphoric feeling.

Just be prepared to swing between the two and, as they say, you have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs. Just don’t give yourself a hard time.

These are just a few of the more common things you may experience after your surgery. Just know that you're not alone, and the more you know the better your boobie journey will be.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Each woman will have a different set of experiences in the first few days and weeks after surgery. The good thing is, if you do happen to experience them, they're all temporary.

These are all good examples of things that you may notice, and I would highly recommend connecting with other women who are in your shoes through Jenny Eden's community.