Will I Pee on Myself During My Breast Augmentation?

Girl, let’s talk…. surgery and bladder control.

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In the lead-up to your breast augmentation surgery you may be wondering about some of the logistics of the big day!


Will you need a catheter during your surgery?

Girl, you’ve got enough to think about on the day of surgery without worrying about getting caught short!

It would be really uncommon and kinda weird if you needed a bladder catheter during your breast augmentation surgery.

Surgery is swift

Do you know how long a standard breast augmentation surgery is done in? 30-45 minutes! So, if you think about how frequently you’re taking a trip to the bathroom on a normal day, you’ll easily manage not to pee for an hour max!

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You’ll have been fasting (including no fluids) for a period of hours before you surgery anyway, so a pre-anesthesia bathroom stop will be enough for your surgery.

I’m not gonna lie though, when people are nervous, we tend to feel like we have to pee more than we actually do. You’ll be okay though and once you’ve fully come round from the anesthesia you’ll be ready to take a (albeit slightly wobbly!) trip to the bathroom with help.

Post-op hydration

After surgery it’s super important to keep hydrated. Your post-surgery trips to the bathroom may increase as a result! The light activity of walking to and from the bathroom will actually help to get things ‘moving’. Post-surgery some women struggle with constipation so staying hydrating and keeping mobile can help move things along in that department.

It can be a big weight off to know that a breast augmentation surgery is short enough to not require a catheter. As long as you follow your surgeon’s pre and post-op instructions and ensure you stay hydrated you’ll be helping yourself have a smooth healing journey.