Will Getting Breast Implants Fix My Inverted Nipples?

It’s estimated that 20% of women have inverted nipples. That means it’s even more common than having blue eyes.

Will a breast augmentation fix my inverted nipples?

Since many women planning a breast augmentation will hope to address their inverted nipples, I think we should bring the issue up! ;) 

What are inverted Nipples?

An inverted nipple simply appears to be con-caved, instead of protruding away from the breast. For some women this is simply a cosmetic issue, for others it affects their ability to be sexually stimulated by their nipples.

Fun Fact: This is commonly a hereditary trait. For some women, both nipples will be inverted and others will only have one that’s inverted.

If you once had protruding nipples but pregnancy turned them inwards, you aren’t alone. Many women report that if their breast deflated after birth or loosing a lot of weight, that their nipples retreated to an inverted state.

Will A Breast Augmentation Resurrect My Nipples?

So the short answer is maybe. Your plastic surgeon will certainly be able to give you a better answer during your consultation, but simply getting breast implants doesn't typically correct inverted nipples.

The good news is that more often than not, the nipple is being tethered or pulled inward. In the event that this is your situation, a simple procedure can be done to correct the inversion.

How to fix inverted nipples

Formal Inverted Nipple Correction

This procedure might be one that your plastic surgeon will do during your breast augmentation, but it’s possible that he/she will want to separate the two procedures.

Since the nipple is being tugged inwards by fragments like milk ducts, a small incision will be made under the nipple and those fragments will be released.

Your plastic surgeon may also insert some tissue from your breast, under your areola to serve as a platform for your nipple.

Don’t feel embarrassed to discuss your inverted nipples with your plastic surgeon. This is an issue that he/she sees on a regular basis, and they will have all the expertise needed to help you achieve the look you want.

Inverted nipple fix

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Inverted nipple can be caused by a few things. Most are benign, some are not. The first thing to know is that it's a benign cause. That's likely the case if it's both sides, if it has been that way for a while, and if it is not getting worse.

The most common cause is just that the milk ducts are pulling the center in and so cutting those ducts releases the skin and allows it to come back out. It is a simple procedure but it should only be done if you do not in tend to ever breast feed again.