Why You Should Bring Your Partner To Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

A breast augmentation journey is a really personal thing. Girl, it's all about YOU!

It's a super big life decision and if you've got a special someone in your life there's a chance they could end up feeling a little left out as you embark on your journey of self improvement.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

It's the best (and super helpful) when you have a partner who supports your decision to get breast implants.

They can totally join in at every stage of your journey... right from the start.

Yes, even for the consultation with your surgeon!

Two heads are better than one

I get it, you're super psyched and (hopefully) totally ready with a ton of questions to ask your surgeon as you head in to your consultation. Those early, first steps on your breast augmentation journey are some of the most exciting times. But, wait! Are you going alone? 

Well, if you have a SO, I tell anyone who asks that you should totally take them with you.

Breast Augmentation Consultation

And here's why...

  1. Your first Breast Augmentation Consultation could be a total information overload (even if you've done your research beforehand!). An extra set of ears in the room with you is super useful... your SO could even take notes and may think of some questions you miss as you're 'in the moment'.

  2. It helps them feel involved - see above! It is totally YOUR journey but how nice is it to have a road trip buddy?! By taking your SO to your consultation you get them 100% on board, you give them the chance to feel like they're involved and they totally get as super excited about it as you.

  3. It calms any nerves (or insecurities) - yep, you wouldn't be alone if, at some point, you worried that your SO was worried that you getting breast implants would... change you. The consultation could be their chance to deal with any of their insecurity gremlins by finding out the reality of the surgical process and by asking your surgeon any questions they may not be comfortable asking you.

Getting breast implants will change you... but not in the way your SO may be worried about. 

Sometimes, when we get caught up in our own self improvement journey, we unintentionally leave our loved ones out of the process. By inviting your SO along to your consultation and giving them a co-pilot position you get to share the best (exciting) bits and have the support to lighten the load of your information gathering and decision making.