Your Breast Augmentation and Cannabis: What You MUST Know

Pot, weed, grass, marijuana, dope, herb, mary jane, wacky tobaccy... whatever you call it, Cannabis probably gets more good press than bad press for it's effects on the human body (as it should). But here's the million dollar question....

Is it ok to keep smoking weed before or after my breast augmentation?

This is a question I get asked A LOT!

Can I smoke weed before my breast augmentation?

If (for whatever reason – medicinal or recreational) you count yourself as someone who uses cannabis you may be wondering how (and if) it’ll impact your breast augmentation.

I Don't Mean To Be A Buzz Kill...

Alright, lets get educated for a second. ::nerd alert:: The two highest (and most popular) cannabinoids found in cannabis are THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive component (gives you the feels) and CBD is the non-psychoactive component (more widely accepted for it's medicinal properties). Many people choose to use cannabis by inhalation, even orally and topically, because it can ease pain, decrease anxiety, aid in better sleep... the list goes on. But while those all sounds awesome, here are downsides to using cannabis when it comes to your surgery.

Cannabis can:

  • decrease pulse and lower blood pressure. The trouble is that anesthesia is also a depressant so you risk depressing too many systems in your body. THC can affect the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and your heat regulating system.

  • keep you under anesthesia too deep and longer than you should be.

  • increase oxygen consumption, which you don't want before, during or after surgery. This affects the blood’s quality and affects the responsiveness of tissues and organs. When recovering from your BA, you want optimal oxygenation of your blood so your new additions have the best chance during the healing process.

  • (when smoking) can increase the risk of coughing or wheezing, which can lead to internal bleeding after surgery that can cause hematomas and other complications.

  • Worst case scenario, tissue death from lack of adequate oxygenation.

marijuana and breast implants

Girl, you wouldn’t be alone if you felt a little anxious opening up about the use of marijuana to your surgeon. For whatever reason, our society still views only men as cannabis users which is obviously inaccurate. It is very important that your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist knows about your cannabis history so he or she can take the necessary precautions to reduce your risk of having problems. They will navigate you best on when to stop using cannabis and when it's safe to resume. I did a ton of research when writing this article, and even the most highly reputable sites like and said this is the one instance they would say to never use cannabis. So there's that. 

Always, alwaysalways follow your surgeon's advice about stopping the use of cannabis before, during and after your surgery.

Because, you should...

Always put your health FIRST!

I know this article might be a bit painful to read, but it's worth knowing the possible effects (and risks) on your breast augmentation. I want you to have the healthiest recovery possible. Now you can be fully prepared before and after your breast augmentation on how to get the best outcome :)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

As your surgeon, I would tell you that there are some things I will advise you on because they are things that I know, and there are things I will advise you on because they are things that I think.

With Marijuana, I don't know with certainty that it increases your risk for things like wound healing difficulty. With Nicotine products, I do know that. With edibles, I don't know if THC will increase your risk. With smokeless tobacco, I know that it will.

So. . . the short answer is: If you smoke marijuana and you want your best possible outcome, don't smoke for 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after. If you use edible marijuana, don't do it around the time of your surgery and certainly not in combination with your medications after surgery.