Video: Three Things to Avoid Before Getting Breast Implants

What you do in the days leading up to your breast augmentation surgery can improve your chances for a successful recovery. In this video, I talk about 3 things you should avoid while getting breast implants, if your implants will sag after breastfeeding, and who my "Boobie Guide" was.

Video Transcript

Today I'm going to talk about 3 things to avoid pre-op before your breast augmentation. Now I know there is a laundry list of other things to avoid, but I'm just going to highlight these three today.

Now the first one is cigarettes. I know it's easier said than done for those who have been smoking for 5 to 10 years, but it's really important you discontinue smoking 2 to 3 weeks before getting breast implants.

This is because cigarettes can inhibit circulation and affect your blood vessels, and you don't want that. So do what you can. Try to withhold those for 2 to 3 weeks.

The second thing is blood thinners like aspirin, Advil, ibuprofen, things like that. The reason is that you don't want to thin your blood and go into surgery, because you might have excessive bleed.

Let's say you get really bad migraines and you need to take something. Just make sure you call your plastic surgeon and let them know you need to take something. That way they can make a note in your chart so incase something happens, they know why.

Just keep your plastic surgeon informed at all times, especially when it comes to medicine.

And finally, you should withhold alcohol 1 to 2 weeks before your augmentation. This is because alcohol can dehydrate you and also thin your blood. So try not to schedule getting breast implants close to your birthday, New Year's Eve, Christmas if you're into the rum eggnog.

Next, I've got two questions here. The first question is, "Will my breasts sag after getting implants if I have a baby?" It's a very good question, because I'm kind of in a similar boat.

Now the research I've done and the women I've talked to have all said that their implants either stayed the same or look more natural. Both of which I think are great responses.

So for me, I'm actually 18 weeks pregnant right now. This is my first baby, and of course I have implants, so I'm going through this journey right now.

My breast have changed by being a little tender and swollen, which is probably just the pregnancy hormones. I'm also having some swelling up top—which I like and wish it would stay that way—which it probably won't. But I'll keep you guys updated in later videos, too.

Our second question is, "Who is your Boobie Guide?"

Now if you aren't familiar with Boobie Guides, a Boobie Guide is a woman who you take a picture to your plastic surgeon to show the results you would like after your augmentation.

For me, that was Jennifer Stano. I think she's really cute, she's petite. And when I got my augmentation I was a little more petite—not being pregnant at the time—and I loved how her implants look more augmented than natural.

But she could also make them look natural at the same time. So I took my plastic surgeon some pictures of her. After he evaluated me and her pictures, he decided what implant size would be best for me.

As always, if you guys have any questions let me know right here. Thanks!