Weight Loss Before and After Your Breast Augmentation

Your breasts are changing all the time.

How does losing weight affect breast implants?

They’re fluctuating with Aunt Flo, growing (or shrinking) with pregnancy and breastfeeding and even heading south as you age. Changing, changing, changing... whether or not you have breast implants.

But what happens if you lose weight after a breast augmentation? Does that change your breast implants?

Weight loss will not have a direct impact on your actual breast implants. But it may have an effect on how your breasts look!

Before you head in to surgery your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will find out all about you and your breast augmentation goals. In this part of your consultation he or she will find out if you’re at your goal body weight. And if you’re not already there yet...

To maintain the best outcome with your breast implants you want to be within 20-25lbs of your goal weight before you undergo a breast augmentation.

That’s because losing around 10-15lbs after your surgery will have little or no impact on the look of your breasts with implants but a more significant weight loss may result in noticeable changes to your breasts.

Any kind of big weight loss will affect breasts... because they’re basically made up of fatty tissue. So, fat/weight loss = (sorry) loss of breast tissue fullness.

losing weight after a breast augmentation with breast implants

Some weight changes do happen after breast augmentation... early days you can expect your weight to be a little higher (post-surgical bloating and inactivity) than your usual numbers on the scale. Beyond then, we all gain/lose a few lbs at that time of the month and around the holidays or vacation!

If you want to maintain your breast augmentation outcome it’s important to keep your weight stable. A significant weight loss post-surgery can lead to breasts drooping and changes to the shape of the breasts (loss of fullness). Both of these will change how your implants look under your own breast tissue, as it overlays the breast implants.

If you’re relatively lean and then lose a lot of weight then your breast implants could become a lot more obvious.

The outcome of a big weight loss after your surgery may leave you feeling dissatisfied with your breast implant look. If this happens and you want to restore the look of your breasts with implants (without changing your weight any further) you may need a revision surgery with implant exchange and possibly a breast lift.

If you are planning on losing a substantial amount of weight talk to your plastic surgeon before you head under the knife. You should be at (or near to) your goal weight so the best breast implant and surgery options are chosen for the long term you!