Forget About Breast Implant CC's —Find Your "Look"

Girl, you wouldn't be alone if you said "man, this breast augmentation business is confusing"! You've got lots of choices, lots of decisions and a whole new language to learn. 

find your breast implant look

Girl, sit down, get comfy and let's talk breast augmentation 'looks'.

What’s Your Breast Implant Look?

Give yourself a high five if you're starting to get your head around some of the medical (and some of the blatantly non-medical terms!) associated with breast augmentation.

Informed patients make the best patients.

Informed about Breast Augmentation

At some point you're going to start thinking about your breast augmentation goals and, more specifically, what 'look' you're hoping for with your new breast implants.

Key things you're going to want to decide on in terms of the look of your new breasts are:

  • Natural or augmented - do you want a look so natural you leave people asking "did she or didn't she get breast implants?", or do you want an augmented look?

  • Sideboob - do you want fullness at the sides of your breasts so they give you an hourglass figure?

  • Cleavage - how important is it to you to achieve cleavage?

  • Upper pole - are you angling for some Pride and Prejudice upper boob area oomph?!

  • Underboob - have a think about what you're expecting in terms of lower pole fullness

These aesthetic aspects are just a few of the things you could discuss with your surgeon when you cover what your new boob goals are.

Forget about breast implant size

If you want to be satisfied with the size of your breasts after your augmentation I have a top piece of advice for you...

Forget cup size!

forget about breast implant size

Seriously girl, the best way to handle the 'size' part is to think about it in terms of 'look'.

What cup size do you want to LOOK like?

Now this bit IS tricky.

There's no way to accurately say what size you'll be when your breast implants have been placed and are fully settled. Some of us gobble up cc's (the volume implants are measured in) and in some women cc's go a looooong way.

The size of implant bears no clear relation to cup size after.

Rough guides will tell you though that for 150-200ccs you’ll get about 1 cup size change... but it's not a precise science.

Breast Augmentation Goals

You may hear around the breast augmentation community things like "I want a full C" or a "I want a sporty C".


breast implant sizes

Let me tell you about my 'Pamela rule'.

For this I need you to reminisce a bit (or Google it, depending on when you were born!). For me to explain the 'Pamela rule' you need to appreciate the boobs that Pamela Anderson sported in her 1990's Baywatch hey-day. Check her out girl... total retro boob idol!


At this time Pamela reportedly sported generous 34DD silicone-enhanced breasts. BUT her bra size isn't the key bit here. The key bit is in fact her proportions. Her breasts would be classed as on the larger side but they are semi in proportion with her body. And this proportion is what so many women seek.

To figure out how that kind of proportion might look on you, you can always try the at-home rice sizer test. You'll end up with a rough* idea of the volume breast implant your surgeon may* suggest to achieve your size/proportion goal.

Notice the asterisks!

Rough = it's just a guide, and no substitute for the expertise of your surgeon (and the surgical office sizers you can try).

May = because you may be limited by body anatomy to how big you can go. Keep it real girl. Big boobs require additional surgeries sometimes.

Boobie guides

You may find yourself going a bit overboard at some stage in your boobie journey (before surgery) looking at pictures of wish boobs! This is where my Boobie Guides can be a big help.

Above all, have fun figuring out what your want your new boobs to look like but remember to keep it real by keeping your expectations in check. And along the way you'll at least be building your breast augmentation lingo repertoire!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Using guides as Jenny Eden describes truly is the best way to begin thinking about the kind of look that you would like with your implants. A modern approach to sizers is to use Vectra 3D imaging to simulate how different styles and sizes of implants would look on your body.

Matching that with your overall ideal look is a great way to take the stress and confusion out of that part of the process and actually make it fun and enjoyable.