What is the Total Cost of Breast Implants?

The weeks prior to having my breast augmentation were full of anticipation and planning.

One thing I'm really glad I did was put together a spreadsheet of expenses so I didn't have to worry about the total cost of my breast augmentation.

I thought it might be useful for you to see everything that ended up on that list, including all of the random things that could have been easy to miss. Things like:

  • Pre-procedure blood work: $50

  • Facility Fees: $100

  • Post-Op Prescriptions: $75

  • Recovery Supplements: $50

  • Post-Surgery Clothing: $60

  • Hotel WiFi: $35

These miscellaneous costs are just one of the four major financial areas you need to be asking your doctor about and/or budgeting for while determining the total cost for your breast augmentation. The other three are: Breast Implant Type, Travel Expenses, and the Surgeon’s Bottom Line.

The type of breast implant that you decide on can dramatically affect the total cost of your procedure.

When I was getting quotes for my breast augmentation, the cost of saline breast implants was $1,000 cheaper than cohesive silicone gel breast implants. That’s a pretty big difference when you start thinking about all the things $1,000 can buy: a cruise, a trip to Chicago, you get the idea.

Many women, including myself, elect to travel to a different city to have their breast augmentation performed.

If you do the same, be sure to account for all the little ankle-biter expenses such as food, hotel WiFi, car rental, and gas. They sure can add up over the course of 4 or 5 days.

Be careful with "Ballpark" quotes.

Just like the miscellaneous expenses we talked about earlier, I’ve seen some plastic surgeons send a bill that was nearly $1,000 more than what they quoted. When asked about it, they revealed that the ballpark quote didn’t include fees such as:

  • Hospital/Facility Fees

  • Anesthesiologist Fees

  • Operating Room Cleaning Fee (seriously!)

To avoid having any surprises like this, I highly recommend you ask for a bottom line quote, in writing—preferably on the plastic surgeon’s letterhead or invoice sheet. (Also, in the event that you make a pre-payment, be sure to get a new quote showing the credit.)

Speaking of bottom lines, the average cost of a breast augmentation runs in the neighborhood of $4,000 to $6,000 in the Southeast and up to $9,000 on the Westcoast (plus any miscellaneous and travel expenses).

Therefore, I’m sure you can see why a little financial planning will go a long way in removing some potentially major distractions on your big day. Go get ‘em!