Eden's BA: My Top 3 Fears of Getting Breast Implants

Boobie Step 2 is "Name Your Fears," and I would be lying if I said that I don't have any angst about my upcoming breast augmentation revision. To see all of the Boobie Steps, visit http://edenknowsimplants.com!

Video Transcript

Good Morning everyone!

I just wanted to catch you guys up this week with where I’m at. Today I have been working on Boobie Step 2, which is Name Your Fears and surprisingly I wrote down more than I had anticipated. I guess a good word of advice is don’t overthink it. I wanted to share with you my top 3 fears going into this revisionary breast augmentation.

My first one is: going too big. Now, this one really surprised me because I didn’t think this would make my list of fears at all. The biggest part of not wanting to go too big is not wanting to look disproportionate on my frame. I don’t want to wake up having implants that are wider than me and totally regret the decision. What I should really do is make sure I communicate with my surgeon exactly what I’m wanting. The best thing you can do is just be as transparent as possible. If you’re not you could wake up with something that you’re not happy with. Definitely be completely open with your surgeon and have an open line of communication because that’s going to help him give you what you’re looking for. So, that was one of my fears, going too big.

The second one: anesthesia. This is probably #1 fear. I’m not afraid of not waking up, I know a lot of women are afraid of that. My fear comes from when I had my breast reduction when I was 18. I had a hard time and my blood pressure dropped after the surgery. You usually wake up within 30 minutes and I stayed under for 3 hours. My blood pressure kept dropping so they were getting concerned that they might have to transport me to the hospital, but I did come out of it.

I don’t remember being nauseous, but the second time for my breast augmentation I woke up and I was so nauseous. I remember I was a little bit nauseous the first time, but not like the second time. The whole time I was in recovery I just kept talking about how nauseous I was and how I was going to throw up. They put Phenergan under my tongue and that didn’t help. I took two that day and ended up throwing up on myself. We were out of state for my augmentation and we were in a hotel, as soon as I was wheeled into my room I threw up right on my lap. So, I don’t do so well with anesthesia. I take a long time to either wake up, the second time for my augmentation I had no problem waking up at all, I probably woke up a little too soon…I hate feeling nauseous and helpless about it. So yeah, anesthesia, the top of my list, it’s a fear of mine.

The last one: not being able to pick up my little girl. You’re not supposed to pick up anything heavy for the first 3-6 weeks, anything over 10-15 pounds. My daughter's already 26 pounds and she’s 11 months old. She needs to be picked up but I’m going to be restricted in being able to do so. So, that’s going to really suck.

I’m having to coordinate my augmentation schedule with my parents schedule. My husband's mom can come and watch her for a week, my mom can come and watch her for a week at the house here. Trying to work it around my husband's schedule where he can take off a couple days, so there will be a solid maybe 3-4 weeks where we will have someone at the house to help. That’s going to be really hard because she’s starting to pull up on stuff and I know she’s going to be crawling up to me and crawling up my pants and going, “Up! Up!”, and I’m not going to be able to pick her and it’s going to make me really sad. Hopefully there will be a way I can work around that. Maybe we can snuggle somehow with a pillow between us, I don’t know. That’s probably going to be really hard.

It’s funny because before I had her this was a common thing I’d hear women talk about, worrying about not being able to pick up their kids. I’m like “Eh, that’s not such a big deal,” but now that I’m actually in that position and I have a baby I’m like, “Ah, it’s really hard!”. I can’t imagine not picking her up in a 3 hour span. She naps for 2 hours and that’s the longest I don’t pick her up. That’s going to be challenging for me.

Those top 3, anesthesia, top of the list. Picking up my little girl, that’s going to be tough...And I don’t want to go too big, going too big. Like I said, surprising that even made my list but I want to be smart about it and just make sure the size that I choose is compatible with my lifestyle.

I encourage you to write down what your fears are because the more you talk about it the less it will hold you back. If you want to comment below just let me know what your fears are. Get them out there, get them out in the open. The longer you hold something in the harder it becomes. I encourage you to let me know what your fears are.

I appreciate you guys listening to me and I look forward to talking to you guys next week. Thanks!

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Good news, Jenny Eden. You don't need to worry about picking your daughter. We will teach you how to do it so you can hold your sweet girl and not worry about your implants.

I love the look on a person's face when I get to tell them that the rumor about not picking up children is nonsense. That and describing Rapid Recovery have become my favorite parts of a consult.