The Night Before Your Breast Augmentation

The night before your breast augmentation

You've had your consultations, you've chosen your breast implants, you're prepped and organized. It's the night before the BIG day, your breast augmentation. You might be excited or nervous, but you should definitely be ready.

I've said before, your pre-op assessment is the last big step before your breast augmentation but the night before is a pretty big deal too!

Are You Ready for Your Breast Augmentation?

Hopefully you are, girl!

By the night before your surgery you should be prepped and organized for the big day. All that's left to do really is a get a good nights sleep. And, the best piece of advice I can give you is...

Don't do anything differently.

The night before surgery is about eating well and relaxing.

Preparing for a breast augmentation

Preparing for a breast augmentation

Now I know that may be easier said than done! The night before any big event can leave you on a roller coaster of exciting highs and nervous and doubtful lows.

If you’ve nested you should at least find yourself totally prepared the night before the big day. And if you're still feeling nagging nerves, try to work out those pre-op jitters!

Whether you're a routines kinda gal or not, the following may give you a few things to focus on at this last milestone before your breast augmentation:

  • Get your bag ready - you've hopefully already packed your bag for the hospital but sometimes it can help if you check you've got everything you need.

  • Skin prep - the night before surgery you may be asked to shower using a medicated soap (this is to reduce the risk of infection from any bacteria on the skin). Don't shave (in the surgical area) though.

  • Eating and drinking - make your last meal something that's easily digested (nothing too spicy or heavy) and have a light snack just before you have to start fasting. Once you're nil by mouth there'll be no last minute eats or drinks! Check with your surgeon though, as you may be able to still drink a small amount of water up to a few hours before your surgery.

  • Keep everything else the same - make sure you take your regular meds (as long as they've been okayed by your surgeon).

And, perhaps most important of all, make it an early night. You may find you have a restless night and it's not uncommon to have a breast implant nightmare in the days before your surgery!

breast augmentation

breast augmentation

Taking care of any last minute details the night before your breast augmentation can help you feel ready for the big day ahead. Then you're just one sleep away from the new boobs of your dreams :)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Very few people decide to have breast augmentation on a whim.

A much more common setting is that you have thought about it for months or years, you did research to find your surgeon, research to find your look, research about the process and research about the recovery. The night before is just about you being you.

If you are the kind of person who needs to be doing stuff to feel good, then do stuff. If you are the kind of person who needs the distraction of a movie or a book, then do one of those things.

Now, having said all of that, you may not have the luxury to do any of that. You may have kids who decided tonight was the night to test your rules, or in-laws staying with you who don't think you should be doing this.

Whatever your life is like the night before surgery, unless you are consciously chosing to do things that aren't great for your body, just know that you are normal and it's going to be okay.