Breast Implant Decision: When To Tell Your Parents?

When it comes to telling your parents or parental figures about getting breast implants, there isn’t a one size fits all solution.

I’ve talked with women who were concerned their parents would be disappointed in their choice, those who were embarrassed to talk about breasts at all with a parent, and others who expected for their mom or dad to have a religious or moral opposition to a breast augmentation.

Personally, I found it a little awkward to talk to my dad about it, and then I couldn’t hold back the tears when he said things like “but you’re perfect the way you are!” I felt like my mom would understand a little easier.

One consistent thing that I hear from other ladies, is that they were surprised by their parent’s reaction.

Pleasantly surprised!

One friend said that her very straight-laced grandmother said “I’m so glad you did that! I wish I would have had that option when I was a young lady.” She was shocked because she had expected her conservative grandma to be critical of the breast augmentation.

So I’ve learned a few things from hearing all of these stories that seem to be consistent. Here’s what I’ve found…

Tell Them about Your Breast Augmentation Sooner Than Later

It might be tempting to wait until after your breast augmentation to tell your parents that you’ve gotten breast implants. That way, they can’t try to talk you out of it, right? Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Well, I disagree. I’ve found that a parent who loves you will feel excluded from this big decision in your life. The pang of the disappointment from being left out or not trusted almost always seems to outweigh any negative thoughts about the actual procedure.

Then you’re left with more than just a small disagreement on your hands, you have loved one who feels wounded.

Many women who felt successful with their talk with mom or dad told them after making the decision to get the breast augmentation, but before the consult. This allowed their parents to have some involvement in the process. They had the opportunity to settle into the idea and say parental things like “Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about…”

Be Prepared and Know Your Breast Implant Stuff

While this may be a casual conversation, make sure you show up with good information. Parental figures may have some tough questions about the safety and logistics of the breast augmentation process.

If you're confident in your own research, you’ll offer them a lot of reassurance! And if you're asked a question that you're unsure about, be honest about that. Thank them for asking that question, and write it down to research or ask your plastic surgeon later.

Don’t Down Play Breast Implants

You know that this is a huge landmark in your life. You have put a lot of energy into this decision!

If you try to pass this off as "no big deal" to your parents, you will raise some major red flags in their minds. Be careful to show that your personal investment into this procedure is as big as the procedure itself.

Be Strong!

Some women reported they felt ashamed when their parents said something like "I would never do something like that" or "We raised you different than this."

While those phrases could be hurtful, the truth is, you ARE a reflection of the people who raised you.

Did your parents raise a woman who pursues her dreams? One that knows what she wants? Makes tough decisions for herself?

If so, think about the characteristics that your parents instilled in you that drive your character today. Remind them that this is a strong choice that you’ve made and that you're thankful that they raised you to be a strong woman.

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

People don't get plastic surgery to look like someone else. They get plastic surgery to feel more comfortable looking like themselves.

That's not harmful to healthy relationships, it is helpful. That's not harmful to self confidence, it is helpful. And that is not harmful to a person's sense of self worth. It doesn't change it at all.

If you are considering a breast augmentation, there are a lot of things to think through but none are more important than your own reasons for being here.