Stopping Birth Control Pills Before Getting Breast Implants

When you're prepping for your breast augmentation surgery your surgeon may ask you to take certain medications, adjust what you're already taking or stop some medications altogether.


Your surgeon will tell you about a few common medications (aspirin and anti-inflammatory meds) that you should stop before surgery as they increase the risk of bleeding.

But, did you know, if you take birth control pills you may also need to stop these before surgery?

When to stop, & when to restart

Your surgeon will go over all your current medications with you during your consultation and advise which ones to continue or stop/restart (and when).

Stop start

Some surgeons (but not all) will err on the side of caution with certain medications because of links to post-op complications.

There is a very small increase in the risk of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT - a serious blood clot) in women who take birth control pills

This is something I wasn't aware of as I didn't take birth control pills ahead of either of my surgeries but you should be aware of this if this applies to you.

The risk of DVT in a breast augmentation patient that is young, healthy, and does not smoke is extremely low.  However, if your surgeon is cautious, you may be advised to stop taking your birth control pills 2 weeks before surgery and that you will be okay to restart taking them 2 weeks after surgery.

Safety first!

Try not to freak out but this obviously means you'll need to find some other method of birth control! It's super important to find an alternative means of birth control that suits you and your partner during the time you won't be covered by the pill. 

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Whatever you decide to do for birth control (if you have stop your BC pills) be prepared ahead of surgery! Following your surgeon’s specific pre- and post-op advice is super important to a good recovery and, in the case of birth control, no unwelcome surprises!