Breast Augmentations in Cold and Flu Season

What if I have a cold before my breast augmentation?

Nobody likes getting sick. And the last thing you want before your breast augmentation is to pick something up and face postponing surgery.

If you're planning your breast augmentation at the time of the year when coughs and colds are making the rounds no doubt you'll be a little bit worried you might get sick before surgery.

First off, if you do get a cold, chances are you can still have your breast augmentation (but, it's important you let your plastic surgeon know if you feel unwell just before surgery).

Breast Augmentations are not usually cancelled for colds and runny noses. BUT they are cancelled if you have a fever, bad cough or other signs of infection.

In these situations it's certainly better to be safe than sorry. That's because the main concern if you're unwell is the safety of the anesthesia and your body's ability to recover after plastic surgery.

Stay Well before Your Breast Augmentation

If you're going to get sick sometimes there's not a whole lot you can do. Some of how we feel is in the body, and some of it in the mind. You may even feel sick with worry at times (and this, by the way, is totally normal when you're heading for a major surgery).

You can do a few things to reduce your chances of getting sick in the lead up to your breast augmentation:

Eat well!  Don't go changing your diet drastically before surgery but do make it a point to eat well. Don't skip meals and make sure your diet is balanced and rich in whole grains, fruit and vegetables and lean protein.

What you eat not only fuels your body, it's an essential part of your recovery.

Stay hydrated! Drinking water is great at preventing several health problems. Drink if you feel thirsty and aim to keep your levels topped up. I carry a glass bottle around with me throughout the day and just sip as needed.

Wash your hands... a lot!  We all have germs living in and on us (ewww, but true) and some of them are vital to our health. Always wash your hands before eating to wash off any of the bad bacteria you don't want to get into your body.

Avoid getting close to sick people...  It may sound harsh, but if you know someone is ill raincheck any visits until after your breast augmentation. If a family member is sick and you're on nurse duties then your other 'staying well' measures (like washing your hands and keeping the place clean) will help minimize your chances of getting sick.

Stop smoking!  Expect your plastic surgeon to advise you to stop smoking several weeks ahead of your surgery. It's not good for your health generally but when you're having a breast augmentation it's a big risk factor for problems with bleeding and healing.

Always tell your plastic surgeon in advance of your surgery what vitamins and medications you regularly take. You may be asked to stop taking certain medications (and vitamins) before surgery or to take specific things.

I’m Sick Before my Breast Augmentation, What Do I Do?

If you DO get a runny nose or feel unwell in the days before your breast augmentation as long as you're fully recovered prior to the procedure you should still be able to go ahead.

If your surgery is fast approaching and you still feel unwell give your plastic surgeon a call. Only they can make the decision if you're well enough, depending on your individual symptoms.

Can I have my breast augmentation if Im sick?

For lots of us it's a long journey to the actual day of our breast augmentation and anything that derails your surgery date can be very frustrating. For me, the countdown to surgery was a bit like the excitement of counting down to Christmas as a kid!

If you are the worrying kind it can help to practice whatever helps you relax... Yoga, meditation or just quietly reading a book. Make sure you give yourself lots of headspace before your breast surgery so you're ready for the physical and the mental part of recovery.

Staying well before helps you recover well after!