How Your Best Friend Can Help You Have the Best Breast Augmentation Recovery Possible

I’m not sure if it was because I’m an only child or if it was just because I was restless—but for whatever reason my parents saw to it that I got to experience numerous extracurricular activities such as Space Camp, horse camp and Vacation Bible School to name a few.

In addition to learning that I would only be happy if I became an astronaut, I was introduced to the “Buddy System.” Whether I was going to the bathroom to clean horse poop off my shoes or headed to the playground where an endless supply of Kool Aid and peanut butter crackers awaited me, there was no going at it alone.

Boobie Buddies After a Breast Augmentation

It’s time to reinstate the buddy system, because taking your breast augmentation journey with a “Boobie Buddy” will tremendously help with your recovery.

Here’s some TMI for you...

When I got out of my procedure, I was a hot mess. Anesthesia is not my friend, and I threw up all over myself as soon as I left my procedure.

Hopefully you won’t need anyone to clean throw up out of your lap, but it is wonderful to have them there to help open pill bottles, pull up your pants after going to the bathroom, or run to the pharmacy to demand more nausea medication.

Your Boobie Buddy should be a person you trust and someone who isn’t going to mind potentially experiencing you at your worst.

Especially during the first 48 hours! But hey, after a couple days, most women’s independence level will increase a good 60%. Even at day three, having the company of a close friend will help you from getting cabin fever.

I won’t lie. I know I wasn’t a 24/7 delight during my recovery, but I thank God for my husband comforting and walking through the process with me.

And just to make sure I’ve said it out loud, a Boobie Buddy isn’t an absolute requirement. (In fact, I know several women who’ve had their breast augmentations alone.) Even so, I strongly recommend you find one. You’ll be glad you did!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Most women find that they bounce back pretty quickly after breast augmentation. We've found that to especially be true with the Rapid Recovery protocol that we recommend after surgery. It's always great to have someone alongside during that time though and particularly helpful in the first 24-48 hours.