Why You Should "Go Green" and Pay Cash for Your New Additions

Have you ever seen an old Proverb or wise saying that you didn’t need any convincing to know it was true? Several years ago my husband and I discovered the Proverb that says...

“A person who borrows money becomes a slave to the lender.”

At the time, we had $58,000 in debt with no savings at all. It was craziness, and I can promise you we felt like slaves to our jobs, credit cards and car payments.

I tell you about this, because I want your breast augmentation to bring you nothing but a wonderful freedom and excitement—not burden and bondage.

That’s why I’m really going to encourage you to save up and pay cash for your breast implants.

Even if it takes you a little longer to get there, trust me that it will be worth it! In fact, there are a couple of additional benefits that come along with “going green.”

First of all, there’s the cash discount! During my consultations, I told the plastic surgeons I was paying cash and expected a lower price. All of them offered me at least a 5% discount (10% with the plastic surgeon I went with!)

This conversation also led to them offering me an additional 5% off just for scheduling my procedure during the Summer.

All in all, I ended up getting 15% off on my augmentation. Woo!

Sure, there are lots of other payment options for you like credit cards, bank loans, home equity loans or Care Credit (which back charges you 27% interest if you don’t fully pay it off during the first year)—but after spending two years working as hard as we could to pay off our $58,000 and build up an emergency fund, I can promise that it’s so worth it not to bring an interest rate home with your new additions.