Mental Health and Your Breast Augmentation

Alright, girl. Let’s get real and talk about mental health.


Although getting breast implants is such a body confidence booster, you really have to be in the right mental head space to be making this big body change decision.

Mind over matter

In your consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon you will talk about your breast augmentation goals and, quite possibly, the why behind your decision.

Some, but not all, surgeons will require you to undergo a mental health clearance before you can go ahead with your breast augmentation surgery. They’ll ask what lead you to make the decision to get breast implants and how you feel about the procedure and a life with breast implants.

They’ll be assessing your mental capacity of being able to handle the rollercoaster of emotions during recovery.


They’ll want to make sure you’re mentally stable enough to go through some of the more emotional parts of a breast implant journey: buyer’s remorse (“what did I do?") and boob greed (“they feel so small”) as just two examples.

Not all women experience these emotions after surgery. Some fall instantly in love with their new girls and even a little bit of impatience doesn’t shatter their cool approach. For other women it can be much more of a mental adjustment. Being prepared is the key. If you’re not in a good head space to tackle the possibility of the emotional rollercoaster you’re in for a rough ride and no surgeon would knowingly clear a patient for surgery if they weren’t able to weather the physical and emotional parts of recovery.

Open, honest and upfront

We’re lucky to live in an age where mental health is an open topic of discussion.


Please, please, please don’t be ashamed to be honest with your surgeon about your mental health status (including any past issues) and especially when it comes to any and all medications you’re taking (prescribed or over-the-counter/supplements) that help you with your mental health.

It is your surgeon’s job to make sure you are well cared for before, during and after your procedure and they can only do this if they have the full picture about you as the patient - including your mental health.

Please hear me say this… any problems you may be experiencing with your mental health will not immediately exclude you from surgery. As long as you are managing you mental health your surgeon will be reassured that in collaboration with their aftercare support you are fit to go through with a breast augmentation surgery.

Never stop taking a medication that’s helping you manage your mental health unless advised to do so by your medical doctor.

Stepping onto the path of breast augmentation surgery is a big life decision. You want to be prepared for the journey ahead… both physically and mentally. You need to be in the right head space to make the decision to get breast implants. Be open and honest with your surgeon about your own mental health and together you will be able to ensure you have the best plan of action to recover well from surgery.