I’m Postpartum and Want Breast Implants NOW!

When you consider that a top reason women get breast implants is to improve their body confidence, it’ll be no surprise that a key time women choose breast augmentation is… after kids!


Timing is everything

I get asked a lot: when is it okay to get breast implants after having a baby?

A bit like it can be advantageous to time your family to fit your life, it is DEFINITELY the case that you should time your breast augmentation after kiddos. When it’s okay to do it will depend on whether you nurse your baby or not.

If you don’t nurse, you’ll need to wait at least 6 weeks - 3 months after having a baby before you can get breast implants (assuming you had a natural birth).

If you do nurse, you’ll need to wait at least 6-9 months AFTER you have finished breastfeeding. (time can vary between surgeons).

In both cases… girl, you just had a baby! You need to wait until your body, breasts, and your hormones have a chance to get back to a level playing field.

When you’ve nursed, your breasts go through so many changes and you need them to have stabilized in in shape, volume and size before you consult with a surgeon about how to restore your pre-baby breasts.

You could consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon earlier than this but will likely be advised to come back when you’re past the timelines above - this is so you are safe for surgery and so you and your surgeon know how to translate (and get you to) your augmentation goals from your post-baby boobs.

Patience is everything

Whether you decided before your kids arrived that you wanted to give the girls some surgical love or you arrived at the decision after childbirth, I get it… it can be super frustrating to have to wait!


You also need to consider that there’s some necessary downtime (and physical limitations) during recovery from a breast augmentation that can be a bit tricky when you’ve got little ones (and especially a baby!) to care for.

Loads of women do head for their augmentation surgery as soon as it’s safe to do so though… so if patience isn’t your life mantra just make sure you’ve got lots of help for the first week or two after your surgery (meal prepping will be your savior!).

Having kids is life altering and beautiful. Stepping up to the mommy role means we often put our kids needs before our own. This is especially true during the baby phase. When you choose to get breast implants it is a good idea to time it so it’s right (and safe) for your changing body and so you can ace your recovery. When you choose to wait (even just a bit) after having a baby to get breast implants you give yourself the best chance of a long and happy relationship with your new additions.