5 Steps to a Great Breast Augmentation Experience

Being prepared is key... but what does preparation really look like when planning your breast augmentation?


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

You can get everything together that you need for a smooth recovery but even before then there are things you need to consider.

But it's important to note, you can't control everything when it comes to a breast augmentation surgery. You can play your part though! And, you can certainly give it your all in a number of ways...

1. Do your research

A breast augmentation is a BIG decision. And all big decisions deserve a great deal of thought!


You'll need to be the key decision maker when: choosing the right surgeon, choosing the right implant for you and choosing the right incision/implant location etc etc.

You will be able to make the most informed decisions when you go into a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon having done some research of your own beforehand. Check out some of my other articles to give you a head start.

2. Take your time

The way to a good BA isn't just a step-by-step process, but there is also one key underlying theme.

Don't rush your decisions!


It can be very tempting to want to speed along the process when you've made some key decisions but, where your breasts are concerned, you really don't want to act in haste and repent at leisure. The key to having a good BA surgery experience (and a long term happy relationship with your new breasts) is to make the right decisions, at the right time.

And, as you'll no doubt know, 'patience' is also one of my key boobie mantras!

3. Don't be pressured

This goes hand-in-hand with 'take your time'. Our online BA community, BustMob, is an amazing, and supportive resource. You'll hear all kinds of useful hints and tips and some real-life experiences to steer you along the way.

Girl, make sure it's always you in the driving seat!


Also, be sure that any decision you make is yours. Don't let anyone sway your choices (or make the decisions for you) and definitely only do this for yourself.

4. Follow instructions

If getting a breast augmentation is a journey, then your surgeon's instructions are the map. In any good life adventure we occasionally go off-roading and chart our own path.


However, where your post-op recovery is concerned you'd be wise not deviate from the route. Following those post-op instructions is key to a good outcome from surgery.

5. Keep an open mind

This goes for the before and after part of your surgery.


It really is okay not to know all the answers! But, it's good to know all the questions you should be asking to help steer you towards your augmentation goals. When you have an open mind you're more likely to be satisfied with your outcome. No surgeon is a fortune teller or magician! So, while they (and some useful pre-surgery tools - like sizers and 3D imaging) can give you a glimpse of your future 'girls', having an open mind will enable you to get the best out of your journey.


To help you have the best surgery experience you must plan and prepare. Some of that preparation is the physical 'nesting' of getting ready for surgery. But perhaps more important is your mindset. That way you can welcome the new you and be happy with the outcome, and the future :)