How Breast Implants Can Affect Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding after getting breast implants

The good news is, breastfeeding after a breast augmentation is totally possible!

The bad news is, until you actually try you won't know for sure.

What happens during a breast augmentation?

Nerves, milk ducts, and milk glands can be damaged during a breast augmentation.

Injured nerves in the nipple area mean decreased sensation, and this can affect how well your glands release milk to the ducts in your breast (through something called the 'let down' reflex).

breast implants and breastfeeding

Injured milk ducts or glands can decrease the amount of milk made by your breasts, block milk flow, and cause engorgement (when your breasts are painfully swollen with milk!).

The breast implant itself, especially if placed over the muscle, can put pressure on the glandular tissue of the breast, which will lower milk production.

Maximize Your Chances of Breastfeeding with Breast Implants

Milk production (even without breast implants) is down to the amount of glandular tissue in the breasts. But, there are a few choices you can make that will maximize your chances of breastfeeding after implants:

  • Breast Implants placed under the muscle can prevent damage to milk ducts and nerves and lessen any pressure on glandular breast tissue.

  • Avoid nipple incisions, as damage to nerves in this area can affect the flow of milk (and therefore the amount produced).

Whether you will be able to breastfeed with breast implants depends on the placement of the breast implants, the way the breast surgery was done, and your personal anatomy to start with.

Will I be able to breastfeed after getting breast implants?

Will I be able to breastfeed after getting breast implants?

You won't know until you try if your breast augmentation has affected your ability to breastfeed, but there are definitely some decisions you can make on your Boobie Journey that will increase your chances!

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Implants are not in the breast tissue. I know that is a weird concept, but the breast tissue isn't usually harmed during breast augmentation. The implant either sits behind the breast tissue or behind the breast tissue and the pec muscle. So a person's ability to breast feed shouldn't be significantly affected by implants.