Video: Here I Go! Getting a Breast Augmentation Revision

My New Year's Resolution for 2016 is to be courageous! And that's going to begin with me getting a breast augmentation revision!! After getting a breast reduction when I was 18, there were things that I haven't been super happy about which I didn't get addressed during my first augmentation.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and it’s blowing my mind that it’s already 2016. I feel like it was just 2015, I was pregnant and things were going a million miles an hour, so I'm really looking forward to 2016 and setting some goals for myself, some resolutions, and really making this year more intentional than 2015 was because having a baby, that was just all blurry and foggy and it was great. But now that things have settled, and it’s the new year, my New Year’s resolution is to have more courage and to be more courageous. In that, I have decided to get a revision of my breast augmentation this year and I'm pretty nervous.

I didn’t think I’d be nervous, I thought I've been there and done that, had a breast augmentation. What’s the big deal about having a second one? Well, all of those feelings I had going into the first one, being nervous and anxious and scared, all of those same things are starting to flood back for my second one and I thought for sure I wouldn’t have those feelings, but I do, so I'm nervous. But I'm going to document my journey through now until I have it and afterwards, postop, so I'm very receptive to encouragement. If you want to encourage me along the way, that would be great.

The reason I want to get a revision is because I had reduction when I was 18 and because of my reduction, they also do a lift, so I had a lollipop lift and a part of that is they reposition your areola and nipple placement higher.

Well, mine got placed a little too high and because of that I'm very self-conscious about wearing low-cut shirts, bathing suits, tank tops, deep cut things. Even what I'm wearing right now even though it’s not very low, it makes me nervous. I think about it and I can't really enjoy as much as I could of my augmentation, so I would like to have them lowered as best as possible so I can have more low-cut shirts and not feel uncomfortable about it.

Also on my right breast, I have some bottoming out of the implant. It’s very mild. I barely even notice it, but it’s there, so I want to go ahead and get that repaired while I've been there. And of course, I mean, while I'm going under, why not go a little bigger? For my first augmentation, I went pretty conservatively. I didn’t want to go too big and then regret the entire operation, so I went a little smaller than I wanted to. This time, I'm going to bump it up some, and yeah, those are my three goals.

Oh, and I also want more upper pole fullness because of the whole “going more conservative” the first time, I have a moderate profile which is a lower wider one so I looks more natural and I would like more at the top without having to wear a pushup bra.

In a perfect world scenario, it would be awesome to wear just a sports bra all the time and have great full-looking boobies at the top. That would be awesome, but of course, I'm going to have realistic expectations. But perfect world scenario, those things would be taken care of.

I'm really excited and I can't wait to walk through this together and for you to see my journey. If you haven’t, subscribe.

I'm going to be updating videos. There’ll be impromptu videos. I'm going to be nervous. I'm going to be excited. I'm all over the map with this. I can't wait to take this journey together. Also, let me know what your New Year’s resolution is and I encourage you to be courageous.

Thanks for watching this and if you have any questions for me just leave them below and I will answer them within a day or two. Thanks!

As always, if you guys have any questions let me know right here. Thanks!

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Thanks for being so open in this process, Jenny Eden. The world is getting progressively more accepting of plastic surgery which, at the end of the day, is just about trying to take something that makes you uncomfortable and make it more comfortable.

Feeling self-conscious in clothes is what drives many people to consider augmentation. Feeling restricted after breast surgery can be challenging. Congrats on getting to a point where you are ready to feel better.