Helping Your Friend After A Breast Augmentation

When you choose to get a breast augmentation you’re going to want to accept any and all help that’s offer after your surgery!


Boobie buddy

Whether it’s you getting the surgery or you’re the friend offering the help to a fellow boobie sister - speaking from personal experience of caring for a friend following her breast lift surgery - these are my top tips for how you can be an awesome boobie buddy!

Before surgery

Before surgery you’ll probably be in some kind of prepping zone and no doubt you’ll have got it pretty much all figured out.


When pre-op, a boobie buddy doesn’t have a major role to play… but it’s always good to be at the end of the phone if your boobie sister needs some moral support.

The day of surgery - recovery and the ride home

If your role as boobie buddy is to drive your friend home following surgery you might wanna cut them some slack as they’re likely to be a bit uncomfortable on the ride home. Sometimes they may be in pain but it’s often just that wearing off the anesthesia following surgery isn’t that pleasant.


It’s also crucial to have a plastic bowl handy in the car, as your friend may get sick following anesthesia. Also… puppy training pads are great for protecting your car (and your friend’s lap) if they do get sick on the journey… been there, done that.

Back at home

When you arrive back at your friend’s home you can totally get into nurse mode and prepare the area where they can rest up (either their bed or a lounge recliner) by propping up several pillows (to rest their back against) and a couple of extra pillows to prop their arms up on.


You’re aiming to get them in a 45 degree angle position for the best recovery position. Side note: while you’re prepping their rest area your friend may want to stay in the car and chill.

Once you’ve helped your friend out of the car and settled them on their pillow fort you’ll be setting-up a side table (next to their rest space) with an accessible drinking cup (a straw is super handy the first 24 hours) and getting their meds ready.

If you are monitoring their medications, you may want to draw up a meds schedule so your friend knows when to take their pills and can tick off the ones they’ve taken so they keep track. Pain is way easy to stay on top of this way.

Hopefully your friend is now comfortable and beginning their restful recovery. If you’re handing over to a SO or loved-one your job for the day is done!

We all need a little help sometimes. After a breast augmentation if you get offered help, take it! It’s a really lovely thing to offer help to a boobie sister and take care of them after their surgery. I hope these tips help you if you end up being someone’s boobie buddy.