Go Into Your Breast Augmentation Consultation with An Open Mind

On a day to day basis, I have the unique privilege of talking to women who are considering a breast augmentation, and there are definite similarities between a lot of the conversations.

Some women are really interested in finding the best surgeon, others are excited to share their Boobie Guide, and there's some who are even comfortable sharing their breast augmentation before and afters with me. I love these conversations!

But I have to admit... there's one group that gives me a little anxiety.

Every now and then, I'll get an email or a private message on Bustmob that switches my brain into Caroline Forbes mode.

Breast Augmentation Planning

In fact, it just happened. Here's an email I got just this morning:

"Hi Eden! I have my first consultation with my plastic surgeon tomorrow morning, and I'm 100% prepared. I know exactly how many cc's I want, where I want my incisions, the type and model number of my breast implant, the placement, my surgery date, and the type of anesthesia that I want. Any last minute advice?"

The advice that I would give this well-meaning woman is going to be the same advice that I give everyone going in to their first breast augmentation consultation...

Be open minded.

Going into your consultation having pre-decided how you want every last detail is not being prepared—it's being a control freak. And while you may end up getting your way, you won't get the best results.

Just think about all the different factors that play into you having a successful breast augmentation...

  • Body Type – Are you athletic? Small boned? Do you have a large build? Some breast implants will give a specific look to a lean woman, whereas that same size will look completely different on a more curvy figure.

  • Preferred Look – What type of look are you going for? There are tear drop breast implants, round breast implants, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile, and even ultra high profile.

  • Age – If you are a younger woman pre-pregnancy, there are the factors of potentially having kids later and the effects breastfeeding will have on your breasts. Will you still be happy with them after breast augmentation?

  • Getting Pregnant – Similarly, you may already be considering getting pregnant, and you may need to have a second breast augmentation afterwards to keep the look you want.

  • Type of Breast Implant – Who's the expert in all the different nuances of the thousands of breast implants available to us today? Definitely not me or you! haha

  • Current Breasts – Maybe your breasts have sagged and you need a lift, or maybe you have slightly tuberous breasts. Lots of different, informed decisions need to be made here.

And that's only a few of the factors! We could keep going with things like BWD, the condition of your skin, current scar tissue, the activeness of your lifestyle, etc.

Now don't get me wrong...

I think it's more than reasonable (and wise!) for you to have an idea of what you want going into your consultation, but I'm begging you... please go in with an open mind.

Not only will the process be more smooth for you and everyone else involved, but I promise that you will have much better results when you collaborate with your plastic surgeon instead of dictating to your surgeon. :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

I love the relationship that happens between surgeon and patient with breast augmentation.

I get to be both teacher and student. I get to be the student about what you want from the surgery and how you need it to fit into your life, then I get to be the teacher and help you know how we are going to get there.

There's so much to learn about this process and the more you know, the higher level the conversation can be. By making your way to this website and it's articles, you are ahead of the game. Congrats.