5 Things to Wear the Day of Your Breast Augmentation

My husband just doesn’t get it.

For whatever reason, he thinks I should wear the first outfit I try on for our weekly date night. Us women know better, though. Finding just the right one can take up to 5 outfits (duh).

Of course I’m being dramatic, but imagine his excitement when I let him know we had to find the perfect outfit for me to wear during my breast augmentationrecovery.

What to wear after your breast augmentation is a Big Deal!

Remember that the clothes you wear home will remain on until you have enough stamina/courage to have your Boobie Buddy help you take them off.

It’s crucial they are easy-on easy-off, so I’ve created the top-five most important day-of essentials for you.

  • Comfy Sweatpants

  • Zip-up Jacket / Hoodie

  • Cotton Underwear

  • Elastic Headband

  • Easy-To-Manage Shoes

Back to my story, I’m almost certain I drove him crazy right out of the gate... After trying on about 15 different kinds of sweatpants, I found the perfect pair! They were a super soft draw-string velvet with wide bottoms like pajama pants.

The key here is to find pants that will be easy to pull up and down over the first couple days of your recovery.

From there we ventured over to look at hoodies. (He thought we were headed toward the checkout. Boy was he mistaken.)

Be sure to get a zip-up hoodie, because lifting your arms is nearly always a painful process for the first few days. And just FYI, before your procedure, I’d suggest you ask your nurse to put it on for you after you get out of surgery

More than likely, you won’t be allowed to wear anything into the operating room except your underwear, so be sure to set out your favorite pair of cotton underwear.

It’s also really nice to keep your hair pulled back once you get out of surgery, so grab an elastic headband as well.

Finally, make sure you have a pair of easy-to-manage shoes. Think no shoe laces. Something simple to slip in and out, but not something that could cause you trip between the bed and the bathroom.

In all seriousness, my husband was wonderful during the process, and our preparation of my recovery clothing ahead of time saved us a bunch of headache. I’m certain it will for you as well!

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Our staff jokes with me that women don't own loose sweatpants anymore and that I should stop asking them to wear them—but Jenny makes a good point here about how loose pants are easier during recovery.

I do think that Rapid Recovery has made the pain of movement a lot less, but there are still some things which we ask of our patients to consider for their benefit as much as the OR staff's benefit. These are all great suggestions.