Fingernail Polish and Your Breast Augmentation… WHAT?!

The human body is amazing…


Like, did you know, you can tell how healthy you are from your nails?! And I don’t just mean how good your diet is.

If you love a bit of talon embellishment, take note…

When you’re heading for an elective surgery you may be told to remove your nail polish.


Naked nails are super important for surgery because your surgeon and anesthesiologist can tell from your nails how well oxygen is flowing around your body, called oxygen saturation.

For this reason the majority of surgeons will make it one of your pre-op instructions to REMOVE your nail polish before you head in to surgery.

Nail polish

This might be a total bummer for you if you love your talons decorated but it’s a super important instruction to follow.

Your surgical team will use a special device, called a pulse oximeter, to measure your oxygen saturation levels while you’re under anesthesia.

Pulse Oximeter

For a pulse oximeter to work (reading your oxygen levels) it needs your nails to be in their natural state. Colored polish can inhibit the device from reading for your oxygen saturation levels correctly!

But seriously, no polish?!


You want your surgery to go as smoothly as possible so follow your surgeon’s (and anesthesiologist’s) pre-op instructions to the letter about no nail polish. All surgery (including the anesthesia) carries risk. You can totally play a part in ensuring these risks are minimized by listening to your surgical team’s pre-op instructions.

With the exception (but check with YOUR surgeon) of clear polish, no colored polish also means…. no french tips, no extensions, no gels, acrylics and (sometimes) even toe nail polish!

Some surgical nurses will look at the color of your nail bed to ensure they’re not turning blue. This is super important.

Be warned! If you don’t follow the advice your surgical team will insist you remove polish when you turn up on the day of surgery. Or, you could wake up from your procedure with one (or more) nails unpolished if the team remove the polish while you’re asleep!

Going au naturale with your nails for surgery is a small price to pay for your surgical team to be able to monitor you properly during your breast augmentation. And girl, you can always plan your post-op nail comeback while you’re recovering!