How to Find Your Boobie Guide!

Have you ever created a board on Pinterest? You know… stuck a whole bunch of images together to visualize what you like.


Girl, it’s really no different when you’re planning to get breast implants!

If you’re already on this journey, you more than likely have an album in your phone with boob pics, or have scoured the internet looking for photos of breasts you like.

This is called finding your Boobie Guide.

What is a Boobie Guide?

The best way to explain what a Boobie Guide is…

A boobie guide is a woman who has the look you are wanting to achieve.


The benefits of a Boobie Guide

It can be really tricky if you try and describe to your surgeon what you want your breasts to look like with breast implants. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of potential for misunderstanding! Using descriptors like “big” or “natural” or “athletic” or “voluptuous” leaves a lot of room for interpretation which is the opposite of what you want.

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Whereas, if you show your surgeon images of what look you’re after for your new girls it’s much easier! It should be crystal clear what it is your augmentation goals are.

If possible it’s best to have just ONE boobie guide and to find multiple images of that one woman.

Where to find a Boobie Guide

It can super daunting in the research stage of planning your breast augmentation to find exactly what it is you’re looking for.


This is something you don’t have to worry about when it comes to boobie guides!

I have compiled some Boobie Guides on my website! This is a great place to start if you’re just starting-out in finding your Boobie Guide as they’re sorted by breast size (medium, large or extra-large) and the women in my guides are from the world of celebrity.

If you’d prefer to find a more real life Boobie Guide head over to my Instagram account, where you’ll find 2 highlight reels in my profile of real life women who’ve shared with me their after photos, plus their stats! They’re called “Boobie Guides” and “More Guides”. There are over 300+ after photos.

I also have a Pinterest board titled… you guessed it… “Boobie Guides”!

It can really help to share your visual augmentation goals with your surgeon by sharing images of a Boobie Guide. Finding a woman (celeb or real life!) whose breasts you’d most like yours to look like with breast implants is a big step on your breast augmentation journey. Once you can easily visualize your augmentation goals you’re one step closer to a happy relationship with your future breast implants.