Every Woman Considering a Breast Augmentation Needs One of These...

While getting a hair cut the other day, I got cracked up at one of the stylists in the salon as I was eavesdropping on the conversation she was having with her client. Apparently the client had brought in several different photos of hairstyles she liked, and her stylist was visibly frustrated in trying to figure out what she should actually do.

Here’s a quick recap for you...

Stylist: “Now, help me understand. Do you want me to use Salma Hayek or Angelina Jolie?”

Client: “Both of them.”

Stylist: “Ok... I wouldn’t recommend we do that, because these are two different hairstyles.”

As you can imagine, this client did not set her stylist up for success and created a situation where she was almost certainly going to have a disappointing end result. (In fact, she ended up hating her haircut and couldn’t figure out why.)

When it comes to your breast augmentation, how can you avoid the Salmilina Hackjob that the lady in the salon got?

Simple! Find your Boobie Guide—a woman who has the breasts that most closely mirror the ones that you want.

The Do’s and Dont's of Your Boobie Guide

  • Find one, not ten. Notice that “guide” is singular, not plural. Take the time to do enough research where you narrow your search down to one woman. Is it hard? Yes. It is worth it? Definitely. A great place to start is right here.

  • Don’t get caught up in CC’s and implant profiles. This can fry your brain and get you super frazzled.

  • Find multiple photos. I was able to bring my plastic surgeon clothed, topless and even bikini photos of my Boobie Guide and he said it was extremely helpful.

  • Deal with tacky photos. In other words, if your Boobie Guide happens to be a porn star, be sure to crop out any inappropriate body parts before your consultation. I promise it will make it much less awkward.

Remember your Boobie Guide should be a guide, not the holy grail or an idol. You are unique as an individual, and your augmentation will be as well.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

This is a very helpful approach to finding the look that you are seeking. Rather than focusing solely on the implant type or size, the bigger picture of how you would ideally envision your breasts appearing after augmentation is most useful since every woman has a different starting point with regard to breast shape and volume.

Our Vectra 3D imaging system is a great way to compare your ideal photos with how different implants may look on you.