Education Before Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

A consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon is your chance to find out if breast augmentation is right for you.

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The consultation shouldn’t be the start of your journey though!

A landmark, not the destination

A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon should be a landmark in your breast augmentation journey, not the final destination.

A consultation is almost always something you have to pay for. You shouldn’t have to pay the consultation fee to learn about a breast augmentation, though!


Before you find yourself sitting in a surgeon’s office ideally you’d have done some homework of your own.

Breast Implants 101

Educated patients are happier patients.

Living in the internet age is a blessing! You have at your fingertips a multitude of resources to self-educate about almost anything and everything you want.

There’s one obvious downside though… option paralysis, or information overload!

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But, you found Eden Knows Implants! So… let me steer you in the direction of some great resources to get you started :)

  • Bustmob - join my online community of women on the same journey as you! It’s super supportive and a great way to air your thoughts and feeling ahead of a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon.

  • Take advantage of any pre-consultation services - Davis and Pyle are leading the way by offering a completely free Breast and Body Orientation. Potential patients can attend the event to learn more about our breast and body procedures before committing to a consultation. At Davis & Pyle I facilitate these orientations so you can drop in and see a friendly face :)

  • Eden Knows Implants - I created this site precisely so women like you don’t get information overload! I’ve grouped my articles into breast implant basics, prepping for surgery, recovery, and life with implants. Or, you can search the content.

It’s really important to be educated before making the decision to get breast implants. Consulting with a Board Certified plastic surgeon is part of the journey to deciding but it shouldn’t be the startling point! Self-educating on all things breast implants and about breast augmentation before heading in to a consultation ensures you have all the tools needed to make the right decision for you.