Getting Cold Feet Before Your Breast Augmentation

At some point in our lives we will all make a decision... then change our mind.

But what happens if you change your mind about getting breast implants... if you get boobie cold feet?


Even if you feel you're 100% committed to your decision to get breast implants there are reasons why you might change your mind.

It's perfectly normal to experience pre-surgery worries and even to have feelings of doubt.

If you find yourself starting to question any part of your decision to get breast implants they deserve to be addressed with the help of your surgeon.

Doctor doctor

The first thing you should do if you're having any doubts about your BA is to sit down with your surgeon and be honest about how you're feeling.


Some anxiety is normal... choosing to have surgery is a big decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

More often than not your surgeon's knowledge and expertise will ease any worries you might have.

If, however, your decision swings the other way and you decide breast implant surgery just isn't for you what happens next depends on whether you've booked your surgery, and then how far away surgery is.

It's definitely a no

If you've already booked your breast implant surgery with your chosen Board Certified plastic surgeon and you've got boobie cold feet you'll want to head straight for any paperwork you’ve signed to check what your surgeon's cancellation policy is.


Most surgeons have clear scheduling and cancellation policies. If you've already signed on the dotted line and paid in full for your surgery when you cancel will be key to what happens.

You'll need to check your surgeon's cancellation policy but if your surgery is a couple of weeks (or more) away you can expect to get back the majority of your payment. It's likely any deposit you paid is non-refundable so you should expect this to be lost at the very least.

Your surgeon will have reserved operation space, time, staff and resources for you so a late cancellation (less than 2 weeks before your booked date) will usually mean the majority of your payment will be unrecoverable. You may be able to get back the cost of the implants - if they're not used, your surgeon’s office can return them.

Don't beat yourself up

Whether you’ve always dreamed of enhancing your breasts or the idea of getting breast implants is a recent decision, getting the boobie cold feet can be a bit of a tricky situation to find yourself in.

Choosing to change part of your body through surgery is a big decision. You shouldn’t feel bad if (at any stage in the journey) you decide to take a step back, or drop out entirely. At the worst, it would end up being an expensive lesson on the importance of making sure you are truly ready for the consequences of a decision to undergo surgery.

To help avoid the potential financial loss from cancelling surgery you should make the decision to get breast implants only when you're fully informed and 100% ready. And before you sign on the dotted line... check out your surgeon's cancellation policy. Then keep all your paperwork somewhere safe.


I’m probably too organized but I have a special ‘boobie box’ in which I have all my paperwork and my implant warranty information! (no joke...)

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Ultimately it's about making the right decision for you. Whether it now, later... or never. Whichever way you find yourself happy with your breasts is the right outcome for you.

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