Breast Augmentation Dilemma: Dealing with an Unsupportive Partner

“My husband thinks I’m going to leave him after my breast augmentation...”

You’d be surprised the number of times I’ve heard women say their other half is worried that they’ll be dumped after they get breast implants.

So, how do you help your other half with any insecurities they might have about you getting breast implants? Let’s talk it out...

Feeling Left Out of the Breast Augmentation Journey

We get used to our partner the way they are. When we embark on a journey of self improvement, whatever it may be, it can leave them feeling quite left out.

Where breast implants are concerned it's quite common for our loved ones to think our new breasts will change us. And worse, they may even think that new breasts will suddenly turn us in to some kind of sex goddess and we'll start looking for some mythical Adonis lover to replace them.

The honest truth is, breast implants do change us! But... not in the ways they're worried about.

Getting A Bad Reaction to breast Implants

My husband doesnt want me to get breast implants

Whether you've had one, or you're worried about getting one, a bad reaction can be a bit of a downer in your breast augmentation journey.

If you do get any negative feedback from your other half it's important to make sure all lines of communication are open. Let them know they are loved more than your new girls, and be reassured that most partners eventually come around to not only accepting- but totally loving their lady's new curves. ;-)

The Three R's of the Breast Implant Decision

If your other half is going ape on you for getting breast implants, try framing your decision by telling them about your three R's:

  1. Rationale (or reason) - everyone has something that they would love to change about themselves. Yours are your breasts. Try: "This is just a way for me to feel more confident about my body."

  2. Reassurance - you won’t suddenly change in to a different person. Breast Implants will not change your personality or the qualities that you look for in a lover. Try: "This is going to make me more confident in my clothes, bathing suits, naked etc."

  3. Reality check! - your chance to give your perspective. They might think you’re getting breast implants to get attention from other guys. It’s projection really, because guys like looking at breasts, so he’s thinking about it like a guy. Sometimes they just need to understand it. Try: "If the roles were reversed how would you feel?"

If it is your partner causing you to worry like this just keep in mind that they are your "person" (total Grey's Anatomy steal - thanks Shonda!). And your new breasts will be yours too. And you will be happy with both <3

Relationships do survive breast implants! I hope your other half gets to see the confident you shine... just give them time to get on board :) And remember, this is about YOU :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

I think that this is great advice from Jenny Eden. If you happen to be in this situation, it's important to make your significant other feel included in the process. I always enjoy having them present at each visit, including the consultation, preop appointment, and of course the day of surgery and during recovery. It can certainly be a time in your life that brings you even closer as a couple as you go through the experience together.