Breast Augmentation Worries (How To Cope)

Stressed out about breast implants

Worry, worry, worry... it really does get us nowhere :(

But, what if you have little (or big) worries that something is up?

Let’s face them together...

Concerned About Breast Augmentation Complications

I think it’s safe to say most of us worry about some kind of complication occurring when we embark on our breast augmentation journey.

If you’ve done your research you’ll know that the most common complications of a breast augmentation are capsular contracture and rupture/deflation (see my other articles for more information).

Given how much I see it crop up on breast augmentation forums (and the Bustmob page) I’d say capsular contracture (CC) is most women’s main complication-related fear once they’ve got past the healing phase of their breast augmentation.

You are totally not alone if this is one of your worry demons. I’m guilty too of worrying every little twinge could be the rumblings of something afoot.

I’ll be honest, most people know when they have Capsular Contracture. Even the mildest form of Capsular Contracture may cause you some pain or discomfort and changes to your breast feeling or shape.

And what are you going to do if you think something’s up? Yep, you’re going to make an appointment with your plastic surgeon’s office to get it checked out.

The up side of being hyper aware of potential complications is that you’re going to be totally on the ball with seeking reassurance from your medical team and will spot any problems early.

I’ve seen a few ladies via my Instagram account who’ve had some rough rides with breast implant complications... what’s positive to see is that they face the hiccups head on and work to get a resolution they’re happy with.

Can your Damage your Breast Implants?

Can you damage your breast implants?

What if you think you've done something to your breast implants?

 “Help!  I did something and I heard my breast pop... did I break them????”

Breast implants are tough... they won’t just break with usual levels of manipulation! Early pops could just be scar tissue tearing (sounds bad but it's really not), a stitch breaking (not ideal but it isn’t going to mess everything up), your muscle (if they are under) releasing the implant or just fluid moving around in there. These things are all perfectly normal.

If you’re asking yourself if something is wrong, if it hurts, or if it’s causing you to worry, you should definitely go and see your plastic surgeon. Peace of mind with these kinds of things is key.

You should know that you may need to have additional surgeries if you choose to have breast implants for a lifetime. So, if further breast surgery is required it might be an unpleasant surprise- but it shouldn't be a complete surprise.

I’m all for being properly informed but let’s not dwell on worse case scenarios.  If you do find yourself down the path of breast augmentation complications keep the dialogue with your plastic surgeon (and less with Google), and seek support from any online forums you’re part of.

We can all learn from each other’s experiences and peer support in the breast augmentation community rocks :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

It's normal to have these questions, and you can get a lot of different answers on the internet. Both things that Jenny Eden discusses, capsular contracture and implant rupture, are very rare, but of course it's important to be aware of the potential.

We carefully discuss what that means before and after your surgery, and always want to be your first call anytime that you have questions.