Video: Considering Breast Implants? Do This First!

If you're considering breast implants, then I'm so excited to tell you about my 7 simple Boobie Steps. You can learn all about them right here: I will be getting a revision later this year and I am currently on Boobie Step 1-which is all about getting your bearings and really figuring out what questions you've got about your augmentation.

Video Transcript

Hello! Hope you guys had a great week.

I just wanted to catch you guys up where I’m at. Last week I didn’t film a video, as you may have noticed. My daughter had RSV, which is pretty nasty, and I got something and we were both coughing and down and out. You didn’t even want to see me in a video then, I would’ve been worthless. This week I’m feeling much better. My daughter’s doing good, she’s actually down for a nap- I’m looking in the monitor. So, everything’s good now.

I wanted to let you guys know about something new on my website. I have what’s called the Boobie Steps. If you go to and click on Get Started you’ll see each Boobie Step ranging 1 through 7. It’s really just a guide to give you digestible steps to go along the way so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Right now, I am on Boobie Step 1, which is Get Your Bearings. Getting Your Bearings is all about knowing what your concerns are, getting information, writing down any really important questions you want answered…I’m working on that right now, writing down questions that keep popping in to my head that I can ask my potential surgeon. So, I’m really excited about that!

Today in the mail, I wanted to show you guys this, I got Nippies Skin. I got them from and I’m actually wearing them right now. They are silicone nipple covers and they’re tapered so they’re not bumpy like some you might see. I bought some at Wal-Mart about a year ago and it made my boob look puffy, like where my areola was. I don’t want puffy areolas when I don’t have, Nippies Skins, these are great! I’m actually wearing them right now because this shirt kind of allows for it.

So yeah! I’m going to be updating you guys every week on my Boobie Steps. Boobie Step 2 will be Name Your Fears. Between now and then I’m going to start really identifying what it is I’m afraid of and write those down and share those with you guys.

I’m really interested to know what Boobie Step you guys are on, so if you want to leave me a message and let me know that would be awesome.

I really appreciate you guys walking through this journey with me. It really means a lot, take care.