Extra Large Breast Implants: 3 Things to Consider

Many of you know that I recently had a breast augmentation revision, where I went from 425cc's to 650cc's. That's quite a jump! And while I was super excited to get larger breast implants, I want to take a few minutes and just remind y'all that Double D's aren't all sunshine and rainbows.

Like all great things, they also have some backsided weaknesses that you should be ok with before surgery...

The Active Lifestyle with Extra Large Breast Implants

I was sitting down to coffee the other day with one of my friends who had her breast augmentation about 2 years ago. She decided to go with smaller breast implants that brought her AA cup to a full B cup.

She is a runner who puts in 70 miles a week, and her primary concern was to avoid having huge boobs that would be bouncing around and make her uncomfortable. Additionally, she desired a more athletic look, so her B cups were a perfect fit for her!

That's not to say that you can't do yoga or rock climbing with Double D's... you'll just be up for a bit more of a challenge :-)

The Increased Attention with Extra Large Breast Implants

Let's just be clear that you will attract more attention with larger breasts. Some women crave that, and some don't. For me, I love dressing sexy for my husband, and I've learned how to be in public and not cause a scene. :-)

If it's important to you that no one knows for sure if you had surgery—or you can't stomach the thought of even more people making eye contact with your girls—then just realize that going for extra large breast implants could make your life more difficult than it's worth.

Re-Learning to Dress Yourself with Extra Large Breast Implants

One of the most fun (and frustrating!) parts about getting extra large breast implants is learning how to dress again. Seriously... it's like being 14 years old, trying to learn how to put on bra.

All of a sudden buttoned shirts are gapping, v-necks are rocking the cleavage, and your boobs are a shelf for spills. Not to mention, you're going to feel awkward in some clothes because of the way they hang off your boobs.

It takes a little time, but just remember to be patient with yourself as you figure out the best ways to dress your new girls.

Obviously, this is a battle of pros and cons, depending on what is right for you.

Just remember that there is no "perfect" choice. As with most great things in life, there are ups and downs. And as long as you acknowledge those up front, they are much easier to deal with when they show up :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

So much of this process requires patience and understanding, and this is no different with large implants. There are a lot of other things to consider as well. For example: Is the difference in my implants significant enough to warrant the operation? Is the weight of the new implants going to be too hard on my back, my tissues, or my clothing choices? and so on. A good, thorough conversation with your surgeon should help with these and other things.