Video: Why I Chose Dr. Jeremy Pyle as My Plastic Surgeon

I am so excited to have chosen Dr. Jeremy Pyle and his team from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Video Transcript

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk about Boobie Step 4, which is Choose Your Surgeon. For me this has been a little bit of a process because a lot of the surgeons I’m looking at are out of state. So, I do a lot of communicating through emails and on the phone.

There was one surgeon I really wanted to go to, but I didn’t want to jump the gun yet. I encourage women to go to multiple consultations to get a good idea of what other surgeons can offer you, how confident your surgeon feels, and that kind of thing.

In addition to the one surgeon I really wanted I also reached out to two other surgeons. Through the process I was just still blown away by the surgeon of my choice, my first choice. That is Dr. Pyle in Raleigh, North Carolina. He practices with Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery.

I’m so excited to get my procedure! I’m also really nervous but it’s really important that you can connect with your surgeon in a way that you don’t feel uncomfortable and you’re able to relax when you’re around them. That’s really important. If you’re really stressed out and nervous during your consult and pre-op you’re not going to be as open and honest about the results you want, you’re going to hold back some. That’s why it’s really important that you like your surgeon. Maybe they have a personality that you don’t like, well that’s a bad experience. You want to have a good experience from beginning to end, that’s really important to me.

I also want to mention Gretta. She is the Patient Care Coordinator, she has been awesome! Anytime I have a question that I don’t want to bother Dr. Pyle with I’ll shoot it to her and she’ll get back to be within a day, she’s great. She’s one of those people that is so excited and loves her job so much that you want to have a job like that. It’s really inspiring. Another thing I love about what Gretta does is she gives people a good experience, and to me experience is huge.

If you go into your plastic surgeon's office and the front desk girl isn’t excited to see you, they’re just like, “What’s your name?” and they write it down, already you don’t feel cared for, you feel like a number and that’s not a place you want to be. If the people working there aren’t excited and aren’t happy you might want to look at a different surgeons office.

That was kind of my experience with my first augmentation. It’s kind of a weird story, I’ve actually never even talked about it. Me and my husband were actually the first people there. I was the first surgery of the morning and we were waiting for them to open the door and one of the nurses came up and I don’t know if she was having a bad day but she was just in a mood. So, from the moment I walked in the door it was kind of like I took on that negative mood. It took away from the experience that could’ve been awesome and but a damper on it, which kind of sucks. I would definitely look at the staff.

At Dr. Pyle’s office the staff have been nothing short of amazing. They take their time, they answer my questions, they’re very detail oriented. When I sent Dr. Pyle my pictures to get an idea of what my options were he sent me three different options and they were like two paragraphs each, for each option. He told me which one he would suggest if it were him, but that it was completely up to me. I was never pressured into choosing one. He never pushed me like, “You need to get this one,” it was, “Here are three good options, but if it were me, I would go with this one.”

It really opened a channel for a dialogue. We could talk about it and I love that. I like that Dr. Pyle wants to communicate, he wants to talk about it, he wants to have a conversation. To me there is no better to relay what I want better than to feel comfortable with my surgeon and just sit down and talk about it.

So yeah, I’m super pumped! My augmentation date is March 2nd, it’s in less than a month. My mind is blown, I can’t believe that in less than a month I’m going to be having surgery. Today, I’m walking around the house and in my head I’m like, “You need to remember this, this and this.” They’re in Raleigh, North Carolina and I live in Nashville. I’m going to need to fly over there, have my consultation/pre-op March 1st and then my surgery March 2nd, and I’m going to stay there a week to recover before flying back home.

I’m trying to remember, “Ok, don’t forget your recovery kit, don’t forget the 45 degree angle sponge so I can be propped up, don’t forget arghhh!”. So, I’m going to encourage you...I wrote an article this past week on 5 ways I’m helping my pre-op jitters, and one of those is journaling. Journaling is really, really therapeutic for me. I would encourage you, if you have all this stuff floating around in your head, just write it down and get it on paper. The less stuff you have floating around in your head the clearer you’re going to be able to think, the less stressed out you’re going to be because you’re going to have a plan of action on paper that you don’t have to try and remember.

I would encourage you to start journaling if you don’t already. Or use Notes on your phone, just start putting stuff in there. That’s what I was doing today when I was just walking around the house with my little girl. I was holding her and taking notes with my left hand, so do what you gotta do!

So yeah, I chose my surgeon, Dr. Pyle of Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina! I’m really excited! I’m going to be documenting my experience while I’m there too, so yall will get to see that.

I’m really interested to know who you guys have chose for your surgeon so just leave me a comment below and we’ll have a conversation! Thanks for stopping by!

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Want to know the most common phrase in 1-star reviews of medical practices on Yelp?

It's "The front desk".

Everyone in our office knows that they are important and everyone is expected to make your day better. We call it "Surprise and Delight" and it's one of our core values. My favorite part about reading a review is when my name comes up 5th; after the front desk, the nursing staff, the patient care team and the overall experience.