CBD Oil and Your Breast Augmentation

Plants as medicine is a concept as old as the hills! Plant-sourced medicines come in a variety of forms. Even aspirin tablets are derived from a plant!

Another example is CBD, which comes from the cannabis plant.


CBD Oil - Cannabidiol

The idea of using a plant-based medication is really appealing if you like things to be all natural.


One such natural remedy is cannabidiol (or, CBD for short), which comes from the cannabis plant. 🌿

If you didn’t already know, cannabis is a plant that is associated with a natural high. When the bud/flower of the cannabis plant is dried and smoked it’s in a psychoactive form.

Although CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant it is not in a psychoactive form. This means you can get the benefits of cannabis without the stoned feeling!

So, what does CBD oil have to do with your breast augmentation?

CBD oil uses

CBD has many medical benefits!


The main reasons you might be considering using CBD oil after your BA surgery are:

  1. As a natural pain reliever - CBD is the bit in cannabis that is linked to its pain-relieving properties. Your body naturally makes its own cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) and has cannabinoid receptors (related to inflammation and pain) which is why CBD oil can be a good pain reliever. This may be something you’re considering if you’re worried about the effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

  2. As a sleep aid - surgery takes its toll on your body and sleep is super important for your post-op recovery. CBD oil may help aid in better sleep.

  3. As an anti-inflammatory - swelling after surgery is a normal physiological response to help your body start healing your surgical wound. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help boost your immune system.

  4. As a natural relaxant - anxiety in the lead-up to surgery is perfectly normal! CBD oil is starting to show promise in research studies as a natural treatment for anxiety and depression. Where your breast augmentation surgery is concerned it might be useful as a natural relaxant.

How to use CBD oil

It’s really easy to use CBD oil. It’s taken orally. For example, starting with a few drops before bed. The exact directions will depend on the strength of the oil you choose and quite likely your own surgeon’s advice.

So, if you are considering CBD oil I have a few top tips:

  • First up, if you’re thinking about using CBD, discuss it with your Board Certified plastic surgeon - some surgeons approve the use of CBD and others don’t. It’s always best to check and to follow your surgeon’s advice/instructions. CBD isn’t FDA-regulated and may even be illegal in some states so it’s best to be fully sure if it’s okay to take before you proceed.

  • Do your homework! Check that the CBD oil you’re planning on using is “pure”. This will mean it doesn’t contain any more than 0.3% of the chemical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) - the bit that makes you high. There’s a wealth of information on ConsumerLab.com if you want to do some more in-depth research on CBD oil.

  • Look for some verification of the potency. CBD oil will come in different milligrams per dose. If you get the thumbs up from your surgeon to use CBD oil check what potency you should be using.

  • Check what the carrier oil is. The CBD bit of the cannabis plant is extracted and diluted in a carrier oil (e.g. avocado oil). If you have an allergies this is really important to check!

CBD oil side effects

All medicines (natural or pharmaceutical) come with possible side effects as well as benefits.

Side effects.gif

CBD oil may cause diarrhea, changes to your appetite and cause fatigue. It’s possible too that CBD oil may interact with any other meds you’re taking. This is why it’s super important to always check with your surgeon before taking anything ‘off script’!

If you’re considering a more natural approach to your breast augmentation surgery prep and recovery you may be considering using CBD oil. It’s possible some natural remedies have really positive benefits. Always always check with your own surgeon before taking anything not part of your pre and post surgical care plan.