Will Breast Implants Give Me Cleavage?

Now I know this might shock you, but I’ve been asked this question a time or two:

Can I get cleavage with breast implants?


The change to how your breasts look after breast augmentation surgery is a major confidence boost!

But whatever the size and shape of your pre-augmentation breasts, breast implants will enhance your current anatomy.

Getting killer cleavage

Part of the value of breast implants is how it can alter the size, shape and structure of your breasts and restore some oompf to counter the changes that the cards of life have dealt you (or, more specifically, your breasts)!

It’s not an exact science to say what your cleavage should look like with breast implants. Essentially, your pre-surgery breasts will still be there. Your breasts will still be structurally the same BUT a breast implant inside the pocket made by your surgeon will fill out the top (upper pole) and bottom (lower pole) parts of your breast.

If you’re super curious, Dr. Jeremy Pyle recommends this test for his patients during s consultation for breast augmentation to check out your cleavage potential:

Press your breasts together to see the shape on the inside edge of your breasts and how closely they meet. The space you’re left with between your breasts pre-surgery will still be there after surgery.


Your cleavage with implants may be bountiful all by itself or it might be enhanced more via a push-up bra.

Your pre-existing anatomy will in part determine how epic your post-surgery cleavage will be! In your consultation with your Board Certified plastic surgeon you’ll be able to discuss your augmentation goals (what you want to achieve from surgery - size, shape, cleavage etc) and select the right breast implant to reach your goals.